Food allergy symptoms and treatment |What to do if your child has an allergy to sweet fish

More than a quarter of adults are convinced that a particular food is sure to cause them any symptom of food allergy - urticaria, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, if not worse.Therefore, patients strictly adhere to the diet with food allergies for treatment.Firstly, it is a shame: indulge in the treats that most others enjoy without risk to health.Secondly, what is worse, sometimes it becomes a taboo foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as milk or wheat products, and hence, it is necessary to think, where to get the missing substance.Treatment of allergy symptoms and it may be carried out not only with diet, but with the help of drugs.

Treatment of food allergy

So, if you are allergic to a particular substance, it is necessary to know all of his sources.Below are some common objects, allergens, which can give a cross-reaction:

  • Bananas - latex (rubber gloves);
  • Birch pollen - carrot, apple, hazel, potatoes;
  • Ambrosia - watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew, bananas, chamomile tincture, sunflower seed

Precautions for treating allergy

  • pretends number.If a certain product is the reaction occurs regularly, it does not mean that it is completely harmless to you.Sometimes it's all about the amount of allergen.
  • Warning: alcohol.Alcohol increases the absorption of allergens in the treatment.Therefore, increasing the likelihood of allergic symptoms.So, to a certain food, you can respond only after drinking.Keep this in mind when drawing up the diet.
  • Capture exercise in the treatment of the symptoms of food allergy.In hypersensitive people it can cause and increase the response to the allergen consumed recently.

Emergency treatment of acute food allergy

Anyone suffering from a food allergy symptoms you should always have on hand a syringe with epinephrine for the emergency treatment of food allergy attack.Check with your doctor if you really need it.Kits for self-injectable adrenaline are sold only by prescription.

"Allergies can lead to death if the cause anaphylactic shock," - says Dr. Metcalfe.This shock is characterized by symptoms: severe itching and a rash all over the body, sweating, swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, and most importantly, a sharp drop in blood pressure, which is fraught with loss of consciousness.If you do not immediately provide treatment of the symptoms of food allergy, a person can die.Particularly at risk are asthmatics.

Some people have an anaphylactic reaction to food occurs only after physical exertion.Prevention is simple: to give to such a load on the suspected allergenic foods, says Dr. Sampson.

Causes food allergies

Symptoms of such allergies can be shown for the first time already in the adult."Why is a harmless substance suddenly becomes an allergen, a mystery to us," - says Dr. Burks.Find out if you have a food allergy really, and if so, that the PA, and how to treat the symptoms difficult.Just imagine how many different substances you absorb every day.Even a simple breakfast will make you wonder if you suddenly become ill from what it is - the bread, milk and a banana?

But not so scary.You can find out the cause of food allergies and eliminate the effect.The first stage - investigation.Maybe you used to suspect some kind of product, but were not sure?Or do you regularly happens urticaria, but you did not associate it with food?Of course, it is best to consult with your doctor, however, by following the guidelines below, you will learn about a lot of this, that will greatly facilitate the definitive diagnosis.Treatment of food allergies you now know and can give yourself or other necessary assistance.

Symptoms of food allergies


When food allergy symptoms such as a rash on the skin (hives, dermatitis, allergic diathesis).


Angioedema - a symptom of allergies.


disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.


Shortness of breath.


coughing fit.


Rhinitis - the easiest symptom of food allergies.




Increased irritability.


Fatigue - another important symptom of allergies.




Sometimes light and short-term pain in the joints.

Products that cause allergy symptoms

According to Dr. Sampson, 90% of the symptoms of food allergies caused by the products listed below.If your blog with some of them involve unpleasant symptoms, it is very likely that you have found his enemy.

  • Peanuts.Peanut - bean, however for most people, it is useful, but at the same time is one of the strongest food allergens.Even a piece of peanut seeds is dangerous symptoms.
  • Walnut.Walnuts and other tree nuts - almonds, pistachios, ordinary forest (filberts, hazelnuts), pecan, pine, etc.- The strongest food allergens that cause the symptoms of allergic reactions.And if you have a reaction to one of their kind, it is likely that hazardous wastes and other (peanuts are not considered to he of beans group).
  • Marine invertebrates in food allergy.Strong allergen, causing symptoms of food allergy is considered to be shrimp, but they are close to all crustaceans (crayfish, crabs, lobsters), shellfish (oysters, mussels, scallops, trumpeters, octopus, squid) and other treiangi-sea cucumber.
  • Fish.Compared with other potent allergen, causing symptoms requiring treatment, and food allergies arose, fish proteins more sensitive to heat and other forms of cooking.Therefore, if allergies causes fresh or lightly fried fish on the grill, probably because it preserves will be safe.However, it must still check.Some people are sensitive to food allergy symptoms can cause even sniffing preparing fish.With a food allergy is sometimes confused with fish poisoning.For example, mackerel, and close to her species (tuna, mackerel) under the action of bacteria accumulate histamine - main agent of the classic allergic symptoms.If you just felt something, turn a meal on the toxicological analysis.
  • Milk.Most of the negative symptoms of food allergies to dairy products are not associated with allergy and lactose intolerant.The lack of a human enzyme digesting it - lactose - is fraught with symptoms: bloating, cramps and other intestinal symptoms.However, the majority of people with lactose intolerance from a small amount of milk is bad does not happen.If we are talking about food allergies, dangerous any amount of dairy protein, says Dr. Sampson.So here it is important to know the difference.
  • Tofu (bean curd) with food allergies.Soybeans - one of the strongest allergens for children, which causes allergy.For some adults, too.
  • Wheat.If noticeable link symptoms of a food allergy to wheat products, it is possible that you are allergic to the protein of this cereal.However, it must necessarily be examined by a doctor, says Dr. Sampson.Rarely, but there are so-called celiac disease - gluten intolerance, not only wheat, but also rye, barley and oats.

allergy sweet

How is insulting to those who have an allergic reaction to sweet.These people do not just indulge in pleasant products for which virtually everyone drools, but also significantly changes the psychological state.Man becomes more irritable, he loses a good mood, he will slow down and think.And it is connected exclusively with the fact that our nervous system is not getting enough glucose, which is a kind of engine for the active life.But not so long ago it became clear that allergy to sweet just is not that shocked all allergy sufferers, who refused sweets precisely for this reason.And the possibility of a denial of allergy to sugar is quite obvious, because it is a carbohydrate that is composed of sucrose.Therefore, the cause of allergic reactions to be found in the sweet any other components, but not to the sugar.

Causes Allergies

Excluding the probability of occurrence of an allergy on sweet, do not forget that an allergic reaction occurs easily on animal proteins.Actually, it and must be sought in the composition of the products that you want to consume, but are afraid to because of possible allergic to sweet.But do not forget that sucrose (sugar itself) usually increases the work of the body and the symptoms of allergies you may have, such as milk and sugar only podbavit fuel to the fire, but by itself does not cause allergies.Even fruits that contain sucrose should be avoided becausethey may enhance the allergic response to any other food-related allergies which have in stock.

Symptoms of allergy to sweet

Often, people who refuse to sweet due to an allergy to sweet, are beginning to use honey in your diet.But this is not an option, becauseit may contain pollen, which often causes a serious allergy.Often beekeepers honey added to antibiotics, and it is important to clarify the seller of this sweet product, asallergies can be triggered by a minimum number of such substances in honey.

In fact, allergic to sweet is most common in young children, whose bodies are not yet learned to distinguish between good and bad products, useful and not.And it is important not to forget about the fact that the children have such a thing as the "intolerance" of a certain product.This is due to the fact that the enzyme system of the younger kid does not yet know that we need a special substance that will facilitate the assimilation of a product.If time does not see a doctor for advice in the event of allergy symptoms, there is a risk that this allergy nowhere not disappear with age, not rare, but on the contrary, only worsen.

Allergies to fish

believed that fish is rich in phosphorus, which is essential for proper body function.That is why the food product, it is desirable to use at least once in two weeks.But not for fish allergy triggered by the phosphors, and proteins that contain a "water" products themselves.

Could be allergic to fish?

The most common allergy to red fish and a little less on the river.Do not rule out the possibility that you may have symptoms of allergy and shrimp, then it may appear "perekresnaya reaction" and allergic attack may appear on crabs, lobsters and crayfish.So before you eat these foods, if you have a tendency to such a problem as an allergy to fish - check with your doctor, after having passed the necessary allergy tests.

It should be borne in mind that the allergens are found in fish, is quite stable.They are difficult, and we can say it is impossible to get rid in the cooking process.Even cooking and frying of the product does not guarantee that you can overcome the allergic attack.And what is most interesting is that the symptoms of allergy to fish may occur where only fish smell!The air enters the antigens of fish products, and people inhaling them, surprised allergic attack.Therefore, if you choose to dine in the cafe, check with the chef to see if your potential orders of something that may be associated with fish, your food will be prepared on any oil, etc.None cook, especially if it is a good institution does not want to spoil the reputation of the fact that some of its visitors appeared allergy.

Symptoms of allergy to fish

general allergy can be not only fish, but also on all its derivatives.For example, fish roe, or a conventional oil, which contains proteins of foodstuff.Just do not exclude the possibility that you will be served some exclusive sauce, which may contain your allergen.Therefore, if symptoms of allergy to fish, avoid this food, limit yourself to a specific diet that does not involve food fish products.How does allergic to fish?Allergies can manifest itself as follows:


hives with itching, literally all over the body.symptoms in the form of blisters may appear if you are allergic to fish;


When vasodilatation may occur swelling of the skin;


In rare cases nausea, vomiting, and problems with stool (diarrhea or constipation).

If there is evidence of allergy symptoms on the fish need as soon as possible to take antihistamines.So, if you are not sure that an allergic reaction is caused by exactly the product that you have used recently - see your doctor.In general, self-treatment is not necessary to do, and if you have at hand no drugs - just go to the hospital.So as not important symptoms do not become angioedema or something even worse.