Salt-free diet for weight loss

Salt is necessary and useful, because there is no fluid in the body, which would not present sodium chloride.Chlorine and sodium ions involved in all biochemical processes.And for that the body needs to get 5-8 grams of salt to replenish the output.And how much salt we eat?Some osilivayut to 50 grams per day.Excess salt binds water, there are edema, obesity, hypertension.Salt-free diet for weight loss will help take excess fluid from the body and eliminate the extra kilos.

salt-free diet to lose weight - the basis

We must completely eliminate the addition of salt to food, let the body receives only the sodium chloride, which is already present in the food.It is recommended to fully withdraw from the menu cereals and pasta in any form, baking, jam.From fruits are excluded bananas, watermelon, grapes.No need for Smoked meats, fried foods are excluded.The food is cooked for a couple.

for severity of food table salt can be replaced with spices as onion, garlic, herbs, soy sauce.The menu includes: rye

bread and crackers - not more than 200 grams per day.Soups are cooked with vegetable broth, meat and fish only meatless and no more than once a day.Vegetables on the table will be without restriction and in any form of preparation.Vegetable oil and animal - no more than 10 grams of knocks.Recommended milk products, cheese and eggs.Do not abuse, you can drink tea and coffee beverage.Applicable jellies, compotes and jellies.From fruit acceptable raisins and figs, apricots and dried apricots.Power is calculated on the five-time reception.

Pros and cons of a salt-free diet for weight loss

Before you get excited about a new way to lose weight, talk to your doctor.There is more important overall strategy of your diet.The doctors all over the world and of all times always offer people one - moderation.Moderation in all things, including food.Do not indulge their whims and body will thank.

proper and systematic use of table salt in everyday life easily replace this diet.Change lifestyle to a healthy, and the process has begun.Just something you need to know that the meat broth is salted just before the end of cooking, in a fish broth salt is added after descaling.Almost all vegetables you need to add salt for five minutes until tender.Salted just before cooking raw meat and fish mince.

If you penetrate the proposed strategy, find themselves still many ways to reduce the common salt in the diet.At worst, a salt shaker on the table is replaced by a picture of her, and all - the weight began to decline!

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