12 August

Tibetan massage |Video training

Tibetan wellness massage is very popular these days, known to mankind for three thousand years.Its foundations once laid the monks who traveled the land in the hope to find the real truth.Secrets of exposure using Tibetan massage on the human monks strictly kept and passed on only to his followers.

Tibetan massage: massage technique

Tibetan massage is very different from other types of massage, and it manifests itself primarily in the power of manipulation itself.As a rule, the time of the massage is small, and this is due, again, to the fact that the friars did not have time for lengthy massages.Tibetan Massage can be done as young people and elderly people.His methods it only affects the lower back and the back.Massage consists of five approaches, with one approach last no longer than 40 seconds.Each approach includes certain techniques, their performance impact is so great that after the massage people can get up and run a long distance, or, on the contrary, calm down and go into a long sleep.To

make a massage is not damaged skin, it is necessary to apply the oil.

Tibetan massage

Objectives The main objective of the Tibetan massage is balancing the human energy field.Based on the Tibetan teachings, it is clear that in such areas of the body like the spine, arms and legs, there are centers that are responsible for the general condition of the whole organism, including for energy state.The high efficiency of Tibetan massage is the fact that after the course of the normalization of the endocrine glands, improves secretion of hormones, the body is cleansed of toxins and resets the extra weight.In this type of massage improves blood flow to the body, so the procedure will be useful especially for those who are a pain in the muscles and the spinal column, as well as various types of injuries: fractures, sprains, strains.In addition, Tibetan massage is for all those who just want to improve their physical condition, get rid of depression and cheer yourself up.

See samouchites on massage techniques on the video below: