Hawaiian massage |Video training

Original name of this type of massage - Lomi Lomi.It originated in the Hawaiian Islands.Hawaiian massage has no analogues in the world practice of massage.

Hawaiian massage: a technique

Its uniqueness lies in the absolute balancing metabolic processes, which increase the body's resistance, stabilize the immune system, mobilize the body under stress, exhibit anti-allergic effect.Used Hawaiian therapeutic massage for healing, strengthening and cleansing.There is a deep connection to the harmonious interaction of body and spirit.This massage includes several components.First of all, it is a prayer, and then there is the salt body cleansing, aura passes through mental cleansing, normal breathing, is conducting its own massage and work with energy.Massage uses multiple methods and techniques.Master necessarily carries the power of love (Aloha).All components combine to carry the power of healing and recovery.

Features Hawaiian massage

surprising that the first session should last at least 3 hours.T

his is especially important for the achievement.There comes so strong relaxing effect that a person can wake up to one and a half days!And even a single session of massage is able to replace a few days spent in the best resort.Hawaiian massage is recommended for people who suffer from lack of attention and love, tactile sensations.Technology is great, not only helps to cope with the stresses and neuroses, but also the problems of a personal nature such as self-doubt.Man long forgotten about the pain of various origins.Recovery is not only physical, but also mental and emotional levels.Exemption from old emotions will give a new impetus to a new perception of the world and the disclosure of creativity.A positive emotions will bring new opportunities for personal realization.

Appointment Hawaiian massage

Massage can be used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system, hypertension and circulatory disorders, diseases of the cardio - vascular system.You will be pleased newfound elasticity of muscles and skin.

Contra Hawaiian massage

Strongly recommended Hawaiian massage during poisoning, and acute infectious diseases, high temperature.Oncological diseases, fractures, ulcers, wounds, abscesses and swelling are also contraindications for this method.We should abandon this massage old people and kids up to 5 years.

See tutorial on massage techniques on the video below: