How to restore lashes after building

eyelash extension procedure is for them severe stress, so restoring natural lashes after extension procedures, this is not a side issue.And most importantly it takes place in a proper diet and age, of course, the eyelashes.

Restoring eyelashes after treatment capacity

To eyelashes falling out after the building, as well as strengthened and gained initial appearance, daily lubricate them one of the vegetable oils.For example, castor, which is already proven over the years to do this.This will help you not only give your lashes shiny and silky, but also make them much thicker so.that further extensions you may no longer be necessary.

For added effect, you can add a few drops of the oil buttered solutions of vitamins A and E. If you want, you can mix equal parts of several types of oils - for example, castor oil, grape and hemp, though, although in principle.combination of oils in the set is not so important.

If capacity has resulted in significant damage to your own cilia, the eyelashes recovery ca

pacity must include their treatment.To do this, treat them before going to bed composition, which contained equal parts of castor oil and burdock and aloe juice.Well here you need to add a few drops of the solution in the oil vitamin E. Duration of treatment - about a month.Although you will see for yourself.When it will be possible to stop it.

Stages Recovery eyelashes

Before processing eyelashes, you must completely remove all make up and act with extreme caution in order not to cause further irritation.

most convenient to use for this purpose is an old brush of mascara, which should be thoroughly washed before use.The oil must first be dropping on his finger, put on the upper lashes.Then take a brush and gently distribute its oil on the lashes, moving from the base to the tips.After the use of the brush should be thoroughly washed with hot soapy water and dry.

If the lashes fall out after the building, prepare the infusion of rose hips on oil.To do this, mix equal parts of sea buckthorn and burdock oil, 1 tablespoon, add here the hips, which must first very finely minced - 1 tablespoon too.Close and put in a dark place for 10 days.After that, you need to drain.This balm has an incredible healing effect, and to apply it is necessary for the above-mentioned technologies.