How to lose weight in 3 days at home

Everyone wants to look every day at one hundred percent.It is so?As a result, many put themselves on the long, hard and sometimes very debilitating diet, without thinking about their level of efficiency and negative impact on the body, dreaming only of achieving the desired result and inviolable!How to lose weight in three days at home?Is it possible?Yes, still as possible.Main follow the advice of nutritionists, and, of course, to believe in a positive outcome.In order to try to reveal fully the question of how to lose weight in three days, look at several diets, the basic parameters that will help you lose in such a little time from two to seven kilograms, depending on your wants and desires!

How to lose weight in 3 days with the help of fasting

origins of fasting come with ancient India and Tibet.In the Middle Ages fasting received the mass distribution, and Europe, but was used as a rule for religious purposes.But in Russia, an active researcher in this direction YS Nikolaev- The famous psychia

trist Professor, who showed that "hunger" allows a person to feel more cheerful, efficient and active.Short periods of abstinence from food (no more than thirty-six hours) are generally well tolerated and require no special restrictions on the stage of completion of starvation - just next to these day should be vegetarian.The frequency of such discharge periods is largely dependent on the season, climate zone and the individual characteristics of the organism.

noticed that thin people suffer hunger is much easier than the full accustomed to regular overeating.The main drawback of this system is to supply common reverse reactions, which subsequently can lead to "rebound syndrome", that is, after returning to the usual diet may be a high rate of climb, as well as "busting" kilograms, dropped during the fasting process.It's easy and quite simple to explain: hunger, which is carried out periodically, does not teach the basic skills of a correct and healthy diet.

salt-free diet to lose weight in 3 days at home

Many dietitians recommend this diet as a minimum the use of salt is very positive effect on the whole body.It is not for nothing that they say that salt - this white death.Since this power supply system is designed primarily for the use of salt-free products, you can quickly say goodbye to nedoevshimi kilograms, it costs you only give up the salt!

Oat-Compote diet for weight loss in 2 days

Suppose you planned an important event, holiday, birthday.How to lose weight in three days, if you are very dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror, and you have no time to bother over tedious texts global diets.To quickly get in shape is necessary to pay special attention to oatmeal, cereal on the water of which is beautifully restore the acid-alkaline balance in your stomach, displays toxins from it.Second, be sure to cook compote of dried fruits without the addition of "irreplaceable" sugar!Such oat Compote diet will not only allow you to lose unwanted weight, but your stomach and heal, and effectively cleanse the intestines to the delight of your body!Be healthy!

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