Diet Kovalkova - menu

main cause of weight gain, according to the developer Kovalkova diet are complex carbohydrates.Kovalkova Diet is aimed at the complete elimination of those, although the list of products is impressive: it's potatoes, and pastries, and white rice.And of course, a variety of sweets: homemade jams, pastries, ice cream, chocolate.A lot of "bad" carbohydrates in sugary soda, honey and compotes home.

Basic principles of diet Kovalkova

Kovalkova Diet recommends replacing white bread - wholemeal cereals and white rice - lentil.These products contain a lot of fiber, cleansing the body.By the way, legumes (peas, beans, lentils) can be used with virtually no restrictions.At the preparatory stage, as far as possible give up fried foods, replacing it cooked in a double boiler, try to keep separate food: meat (protein) separate from the garnish (carbohydrates).Avoid sausages, sausages, meatballs.

Try not to eat on the go - food portion should be chewed thoroughly.Avoid alcohol, especially beer.Once a week you c

an afford a glass of dry wine.And as much pure water as possible without gas - at least 8 glasses per day.It is no coincidence: this amount of water stimulates the production of hormones that burn fat.Water also dampens hunger and removes toxins from the body.

During the day, occasionally eat fruit.They normalize the bowel, satisfy hunger, and do not bear the extra calories.After two to three weeks to begin the next phase of the diet.Now our task - to clean the body and get rid of the first kilos.

Diet Kovalkova - menu

Each start your day with a glass of water.Breakfast should consist of bran, nuts, nonfat yogurt.Dinner vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil.Before going to bed - a glass of warm milk.During the day it is acceptable to drink 2-3 cups of green tea without sugar, eat a couple of apples or grapefruit.And do not forget about water.

Meat and fish are excluded at this stage.Kovalkova Diet is designed so that the experience of hunger you should not.The second stage begins more intensive weight loss - although the set of allowed products is expanding.The diet of chicken, seafood, cheese gradually introduced.Did you come across a small problem - reducing weight despite all the efforts to slow down.This is normal - the more you diet, the weight loss slows down the process.

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