Onion diet for weight loss

Who would have thought that such a product like onions helps sophisticated French lady always stay slim and beautiful?Or rather, not the bow, and diet soup made with it.Meanwhile, it is the love of bow creates a wasp waist.Onion diet helps maintain a beautiful figure all Frenchwomen and French remain the most fashionable country in the world.

Onion diet for losing weight - the basis

Onion diet for weight loss based soup

Onion diet has hundreds of different variations.However, the most popular is the so-called onion diet that is bestowed to us from the fashion capital - France.So, it was observed that in the case of regular consumption of onion soup decreases cholesterol and "bad" lipoprotein.In this context, "French onion soup" is particularly good weight loss option for people suffering from heart disease.But those who are ill with gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, such a diet is contraindicated.The fact that the basis of the onion soup is the broth of cabbage, stimulating increased gastric sec


Calorie onion soup diet for weight loss at

Lukovaya soup should be prepared on the water.The main ingredients are cabbage, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers green, celery, and onions.Regarding the celery, it has the same characteristics of weight loss, as does the onion.It is important not only that celery can significantly blunt the feeling of hunger, but also a slight diuretic effect, which is necessary for the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

As with other components of soup, they have a negative calorie.This means that the digestion and absorption of food requires more energy than usual.Due to such properties, there is an effective weight loss.Approximately seven days, you can lose about five to seven kilograms.You agree that such fast weight loss is sufficiently strong stress for the body, so eat only soup is not worth it.Dietary food should be supplemented with other foods that will be able to replenish energy reserves.

diet based on onion soup diet

How to use the onion soup diet

based diet is, of course, a soup made with a bow.There may be a soup in unlimited quantities and even overnight.First, these conditions may be good news, because the soup is quite tasty and well copes with hunger.Nevertheless, in the short time you will feel a slight molestation soup.It was at this time it is necessary to show the greatest firmness, as to abandon the diet in any case impossible.

The day should eat at least three servings of soup: for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.With the right approach onion diet not only save you from extra kilos but will also help cleanse the body and improve your health.

recipe for onion soup with tomatoes diet

To prepare you need: a medium-sized cabbage, a few tomatoes (can be even more), a pair of green peppers, celery beam, and most importantly - 6-8 bulbs.All vegetables should be cleaned and filled with 2 liters of cold water.After that, the soup is brought to a boil and then boil on low heat until the vegetables are tender.For a taste, you can add spices.You can add the curry sauce.The main thing is not to add sour cream, as is traditionally done.It will only add unnecessary calories and fat.

Onion soup for weight loss - not just a means to lose a little excess fat from the thighs and abdomen, but also a good source of vitamins for your body.It is known that vegetables - a valuable source of vitamins and minerals.All this wealth for your body can be obtained in the use of soup.Onion soup is particularly rich in vitamin C, because the bow - one of the richest products on this vitamin.

main and fundamental diet dish - onion soup, which is included in the daily diet.There are many soup recipes.

Onion soup with green peppers - a recipe for weight loss

you need:

  • 0,5 cans beef broth or vegetable broth
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 4 onions, sliced ​​
  • 2 green peppers, cut
  • 1 teaspoon sauce
  • 1 pinch ground black pepper

you can also use a variety of other recipes for onion soup diet.Just do not add cheese and croutons in the soup (remember, you are on a diet).Avoid breads, dairy products (except Day 4 - skim milk), honey (and other sweets), nuts, energy drinks, and of course alcohol.

onion diet weight loss diet

Sample menu for one week:

  • Day 1: soup, fruit (bananas and grapes rule);
  • 2nd q .: onion soup, vegetables, 1 (one, not to be confused with 1kg) baked potato for lunch;
  • 3rd etc .: onion soup, can fruits and vegetables;
  • 4th q .: onion soup, some fruits, vegetables and low-fat milk;
  • 5th etc .: onion soup, a bit of beef (you can fish up to 500 g) and a few tomatoes;
  • 6th etc .: onion soup and beef and vegetables;
  • 7 d .: onion soup, rice, fruit juice.

Thanks to the rich vitamin properties of onion and moderate consumption of fruits and vegetables the use of additional complex vitamins are not required.Remember that the best results will be achieved if you combine diet with exercise for weight loss or other types of physical activity.

It is best to eat small portions of soup, avoiding traditions.In addition, this type of diet is transferred quite easily, so it can be easily extended or duplicated in one week.Between the 1st and 2nd diet should not abuse the flour, sweets and alcohol.Remember, if suddenly you could not resist, they broke the diet or drank too much, it should start from the first day.And not to break away - avoid the feasts, keep an active lifestyle, and the result will be in two weeks, in the truest sense of the word, on the face!

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