Massage joints |Video training

People involved in sports, as well as those with stiff joints, it is recommended to periodically visit a massage therapist's office, which can make massage of problematic joints.

Massage joints: Opportunities

Any type of massage has a relaxing and toning effect.However, massage is able to liberate the joints and improve mobility of the body, to correct problems with posture, improve the elasticity of the ligaments.Also, using it is possible to achieve recovery of the joints, the body care voltage after heavy load or stress.It can eliminate the discomfort and pain in the joint, as well as to give strength and lightness.

techniques of massage joints

It can be carried out either in light clothing or without the use of special oils, which also have a regenerating effect on the knuckles.

Basically the procedure of this type of massage consists of two alternate methods: rubbing and stroking.Mostly rubbing.

begin with stroking.After the joint space is defined, the therapist must make several thumbs

passive movements in this area.This is the reception stroking massaged the joint, which is repeated several times throughout the procedure.

Rubbing involves spiral movements to be carried out in the course of the joint capsule.Movement begins from the middle of the back surface on both sides.It is necessary to be careful in places where the joints are the major nerves and blood vessels.This refers to the inner side of the elbow and wrist joints, axillary and popliteal fossa.In these places, rubbing should be done very carefully, and in any case does not produce a strong pressure.

Physiology and nuances massage joints

joint capsule may have a different value and it depends on the size of the joint.For example, in the elbow joint capsule in four transverse pin.In order to relieve the patient from pain and give him the opportunity to fully move the joint, it is necessary to rub the entire joint capsule.To circumvent this, systematically joint several times because the adhesion may be anywhere in the bag.We must also take into account the width of bags and pass two lines under the joint and above it.After grinding procedures of each of the lines to be performed stroking.Also it is necessary to apply the passive movement of the joint - flexion and extension of it.It is worth remembering that no part of the joint capsule should not remain unaffected and nerastertoy.

duration, which should be carried out massage joints, is 10-15 minutes.Treatments must be repeated every other day for two weeks.It is advisable to visit a massage therapist's office held teploprotsedury.

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