How to massage the neck area |Video training

neck area is usually more often than other areas subject to all the effects of adverse environmental factors.To relax the body needs to know how to massage neck area.

How do neck massage: efficiencies

Massage this area will help to get rid of adhesions in the shoulders and shoulder blades, to remove salt deposits.Massage the neck at the top of the spine will help get rid of the brain and spinal pain, relieve swelling and puffiness.

this massage also helps normalize the functioning of connective tissues body and will prevent the appearance of certain diseases (scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, lowering his shoulders and torticollis).

massage collar zones will help streamline the arms, neck, back and shoulders.Carrying out this massage 1-3 courses per year, will make you forget all about the stoop and become easy gait and posture.The number of sessions and the intensity of treatments depends on the type of disease and neglect of this disease.

In severe diseases in the neck area of ​​the massag

e treatments should be 15-20 every three or four months.

How do neck massage: massage features of

should conduct disease prevention for this you need to spend 1-2 courses massage ten procedures.When this massage the skin is strongly heated and kneaded, it will penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous tissue.

sometimes neglected diseases during the massage can cause severe pain.Despite the pain, all the further massage treatments will not be as strong.You will have performance, alertness, irritability and insomnia disappear.

Massage neck area should trust only an experienced specialist.This massage will bring you more effective results.

This massage includes massage of the neck and shoulder girdle.It is conducted by means of stretching and contraction of muscles.It is very good for osteochondrosis and pain in the back of his head.It helps to improve blood flow to the head and relieve muscle clips.Massage of this zone is considered to be a component of Thai massage.

Features neck area during a massage

It is in this zone often forms the emergence of edema, stagnation, salt deposits and a pinched vertebrae.Because of this, so there are some diseases, scoliosis, low back pain, stiff neck, and sometimes appear blade spikes.Sometimes it may be due to this cause pain in the neck, shoulders, back and head.It can increase fatigue, pressure, drowsiness, fatigue and nervousness.Massage made in the neck area, helps to avoid this.

See tutorial on massage techniques on the video below: