What balm for eyelash growth beauticians recommend

Catching daily makeup, every woman is very much time to the beauty and expressiveness of his eyelashes.That is why, balm, designed to better growth of eyelashes, must be in your purse.Thick, long and curved eyelashes mysteriously give your look special depth and expressiveness.After all, our cilia do not live very long - roughly every three months.But apart from that, they often fade, break and fall out, thinning and look far better, and it often depends on the stage of their life cycle.And besides, in addition to a decorative function only healthy eyelashes can fulfill the purpose that it took nature - namely, the protection of the eyes from dirt, dust and small insects.

Why a balm for the growth of eyelashes?

Balm lash restores their attractiveness and health and stimulates growth.such as the balm can be purchased at the store and make your own, with their own hands.

Modern cosmetology produces not only balms, but special treatment gels and mascara, special oils and creams.Of course, any funds pu

rchased are not only the composition and the way they affect the eyelashes, but also its price.

What can you buy?

example, ADVANCED LASH balm for the growth of eyelashes, which produces the US company Advancedline, can be attributed to professional cosmetics and it is quite expensive - about 4300 rubles per 3ml.However, it consists of a number of active components that stimulate the growth of eyelashes and greatly improve the structure - bio-peptides, vitamins, ginseng extract, extract of Ginkgo biloba, and their most important component - prostaglandin affects each eyelash at the cellular level and makescells are actively dividing.Just two weeks of its application can achieve tangible results.

However, cosmetic shops can offer their customers, and significantly more cost-effective means.So FOLTENE PHARMA, which released Italian producers is much cheaper - about 800 rubles per tube in 15 ml, but its impact is also quite effective.active polysaccharides and extract of Witch Hazel will significantly strengthen your eyelashes and increase in the volume of each cilium.It not only stimulates the growth of existing eyelashes, but also makes grow new ones, and in addition, it can be applied on top of the decorative ink.It can be used to improve the appearance of not only the eyelashes and eyebrows.