12 August

salt Massage |Video training

salt intake should be moderate, and the lack of salt in the body can cause muscle spasms and a violation of the nervous system, leading sometimes to the death of the person.Massage with salt may have the effect of peeling and should be done infrequently.

salt massage with peeling effect

If prepare a body scrub based on marine salt, the body massage will be even more effective than the previous one.To prepare scrub needed cup of sea salt, add to it two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and two teaspoons of your favorite essential oil.Good effect gives the addition of oil of lavender, peach, patchouli, rosemary.A mixture of oil and sea salt are mixed thoroughly until smooth and leave to infuse for twenty minutes.The resulting mixture is applied to the body and massage in a circular motion to rub the body, starting with the toes.Gradually moving up, massaging the shin, thigh, abdomen.Longer doing massage on problem areas prone to cellulite.After finishing massage, wash off the scrub with warm water.

Wiping the body with a towel, you can apply the cream for cellulite on the entire body.

This massage with salt at home is recommended not to hold more than one - two times a week.

Salt mix massage salt

are going to do a massage with salt at home, mix sea-salt and shower gel in a porcelain cup.The proportions of gel and salt dependent on your skin condition and its sensitivity.In normal skin, the gel proportion and sea salt 3: 1. When sensitive or inflamed skin to reduce the amount of salt needed.The mixture is rubbed strictly on massage lines in problem areas on hips, abdomen, waist, buttocks.When rubbing salt in massage do not make too strong rubbing movement.For grinding, you can use the brush massage with natural bristles or a special massage mitten cotton.After the massage, rinse off the salt composition of the body with warm water and apply on problem areas anti-cellulite cream.

sea salt Benefits for massage

therapeutic purposes is better to use not ordinary table salt, and the natural gift of the ocean - sea salt.This salt, unlike common purified contains almost all the elements of the periodic table.Especially valuable for the body iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, bromine, and the other, which is rich in sea salt.

Sol able to renew skin cells and even reduce stress.These wonderful properties and is based massage salt at home.

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