12 August

How do baby massage |Video training

After the birth of the child's body is just beginning to get acquainted with the outside world and adapt for its requirements.And so you should know how to do a children's preventive massage, and know that he must be the most gentle and safe.

How do baby massage: features

Children massage has some features associated with the beginning of development of the organism.Massage for children must be carried out taking into account the formation of zones of ossification and physiological bends.In the neonatal period the skeleton is represented mostly cartilage.And just to 12 years there is a complete replacement of the bone tissue.At the head of the child in the skull there are gaps not filled by bone tissue called fontanelles.Last fontanelle closes only 12-15 months of life.It is strictly forbidden to perform massage in places nezaroschennyh fontanelles.Another feature of the skeleton of the newborn - no curves of the spine.It is necessary to carry out the control over the timely formation of physiologi

cal bends, which definitively established only for 3-4 years.These moments of development and structure can lead to scoliosis and kyphosis.Therefore, the examination of the child are taken into account all the pathological changes, and then assigned a technique of massage movements.

baby massage techniques: how to do?

Receptions strokes have a calming and strengthening effect on the nervous system, improve the nutrition of the skin, improve its elasticity.Trituration with combined stroking reduce heart rate and reduce the excitability of the nervous system.Kneading is used less frequently than the first two reception.When baby massage it is used in violation of the functions of the musculoskeletal system and the diseases that are accompanied by considerable muscle weakness, delayed motor skill development.

order not to harm the child, massage is not worth doing in feverish conditions, inflammatory processes, not to mention serious diseases.Needless to say that a massage should be performed only after inspection and authorization pediatrician.From the masseur also requires a special skill, because the children have immature skeletons and vulnerability of the skin.

Baby massage is shown with the first months of life, as it prevents the reduction of motor disorders.

See tutorial on massage techniques on the video below: