12 August

Fast facials |Recipes masks

Quick facial masks are used when you have a chronic lack of time, and you need to look your best.Time for quick face masks on our recipes or evening, or a couple of hours before going home for the event.

Quick facial mask recipe: Ingredients

The number of fast masks include:

Quick Honey facial mask: a recipe

Honey mask applied only 9 minutes.It consists of all liquid honey, which with the help of cosmetic brush applied to the face an even layer, except the eye area, where you can put used tea bags or tea leaves soaked in cotton swabs.On application to the skin mask is recommended to lie down and breathe at the same time it is necessary to deeply and evenly.To remove the honey must be humid and warm with a cotton swab or a special cotton cloth.

fast Carrot face mask:

recipe for carrot masks need 100 grams of juice of carrot and finished oatmeal, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a spoonful of mashed wheat sprouted grains.All mix thoroughly, apply on face for five minutes and remove with

warm water.A similar procedure is used not only for the rapid relaxation of the skin and for bleaching power and improving skin tone.

Quick Mask of oatmeal facial

Remove black spots and pores help pull the mask of oatmeal.In addition, after the purification of the skin becomes more firm, smooth and fresh.This mask is great for removing makeup.

Peremel glass flakes in a meat grinder or coffee grinder.Add 1 teaspoon of boric acid or baking soda and mix everything well.For washing, only one tablespoon of the mixture, dilute it with water or sour milk to form a slurry, slowly apply on face and neck.When the mass starts to slide over the skin, rinse thoroughly with warm water and everything.

rapidly cleared protein facial mask

With the help of easy to clean soiled skin fat protein and sugar.Dissolve in egg white 1 tablespoon of sugar.Apply on face and 1/3 wait until the mask dries.Then apply the remaining mass and pat treat the entire face until hands stop not stick.Then the remnants of the mask rinse with cool water.

Express facial mask - is the easiest way to cheer up your skin before applying makeup.

Fast egg face mask: recipe

Egg mask also includes some components.This olive oil teaspoon, if the skin is dry, and the same amount of lemon juice for oily skin, a chicken and egg yolk paste of half a banana.Treatment time is not more than seven minutes, and the composition can be removed with water at room temperature.

recipe mustard Quick Mask

In winter and during the off-season a wonderful refreshing effect gives mustard mask.Need one teaspoonful of mustard powder diluted with warm water, then mixed with vegetable oil in proportions of 1: 2.The composition is applied for five minutes, removed with warm water.Recommended after mustard mask apply more moisturizer.

Carrot creamy quick facial mask:

recipe for carrot and cream masks should be well mixed cream and carrot juice in equal proportions, rather one teaspoon.Treatment time of seven minutes, the mixture is washed off the cooled boiled water.Half an hour after the removal of the mask must be the application of nourishing cream.

Fast facials, as well as many others, are applied only to thoroughly cleansed skin.Therefore, before you start you need to carry out any activities on the face clean.These masks can also be used for the neck skin.

Terms of Use quick facial masks

Remember a few rules, which are advised to adhere to the professionals:

Causing nourishing mask, try to relax, turn on soft music, lie down for a while and not think about all sorts of troubles.