12 August

Face mask with Dimexidum |Recipes masks

Before you tell that presents a face mask with Dimexidum, all still need to figure out what the substance is and what is its purpose.

Face Mask with Dimexidum home

for cooking at home, you can recommend a mask of tea tree oil and Dimexidum.This mask because its properties can be called the most effective for the treatment of all kinds of pustular skin diseases or areas heavily affected acne.If you grasp the fact that itself is a tea tree oil can be found in almost identical properties to Dimexidum.It is also a powerful natural antiseptic.Her cooking is very simple - Dimexidum and oil is mixed in equal proportions.The resulting mixture layouts are necessary to put not on the entire face, but only for certain the affected areas of the skin (dotted).Several hours later, a person can be wiped with a damp cotton pad to remove remnants of the mask.Fashin, we can say that the face mask with Dimexidum is an excellent tool for the skin, with it not only cosmetic but also medicinal.

Dimexidum As used in f

acial masks

Dimexidum can use the same in the two forms - either the use of compression, or the use of a mask, a part of which he will be a key component.It must be remembered (especially for beginners!) That Dimexidum is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent, which tends to dry and disinfect the skin.In this regard, it is often recommended for problem oily or prone to oily, problem skin.

Before you start using Dimexidum for cosmetic purposes, you must make sure that you will not have any allergic reactions, and individual intolerance.This requires a little test: on the forehead or temple, you can apply a little of the solution.If you start to feel uncomfortable after some time, the redness (which does not pass), itching, it is better to refuse from its use.If no response was not - you can proceed to the preparation of the mask.

What Dimexidum

Dimexidum (namely its solution) is quite effective for skin care.He's not widespread due to the fact that many do not know exactly how it should be used.It is necessary to calculate the proper concentration and dosage, which can not everyone.But the one who knows and has tested its effects on themselves and are happy to throw all their future creams, gels, lotions, and other means to eliminate acne, pustular diseases and certain infectious lesions.

Action Dimexidum on the skin

As mentioned earlier - Dimexidum exhibits anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, but, as it turned out in the course of investigations, it is more and improves the permeability of cell skin membrane, which in turn begin to more actively absorb nutrients.Thus Dimexidum as part of the mask will only improve its effectiveness.