12 August

Magnetic face mask |Recipes masks

Magnetic mask, especially great for the skin around the eyes.It is intended for the removal of skin fatigue, also removing it from the eye to prevent skin aging eye and the appearance of wrinkles.

Magnetic facial mask: the benefits

Magnetic face mask has a number of advantages, there are platters inside the mask itself, will help to prolong youth and give the beauty of your skin.Magnets, improve blood circulation in skin cells of the skin that helps to absorb oxygen, also other useful elements of the periodic table.

Action magnetic face masks

mask, suitable for all skin types, because it has a special attachment to the face.Magnetic mask perfectly fixed with fasteners at the rear.All that is required of you, you need to wear a mask during rest and sleep.The result on the face:

himself applicator consists of a cloth mask, which has a 11 elektroplastin located in a convenient place for your skin.

The application of magnetic face masks

Before you put on a mask on your face.Make sure your

skin is completely clean.If there is no clean it by applying a tonic or milk on a cotton pad.Next, put a mask on your face, very carefully, that would be compatible slits for the eyes and breathing of your nose.Then, fasten the clasp at the back.Prawna movements of your fingers, Correct the mask on your face.applicator must be worn for at least an hour.Doctors are advised to wear a mask during sleep and rest, when your skin is ready to rest.

Magnetic facial mask: contraindications

Special contra-mask does not, moreover, it is not worth it to wear for pregnant women.But before using a mask, it is best to consult a beautician.After all, your beauty - their merit.Clean, the mask is very easy, you do not need any special tools.Simply rinse the mask clean water and wipe with a towel.

magnetic facial mask, as applicable, as well as for self-treatment, because it is completely harmless, and other cosmetics.If your skin need a quick hydration, the magnet - the perfect choice for you.It relieve fatigue from his eyes and bring your skin in perfect order.Just from your face disappear molasses, and you can again feel "a girl in a millionĀ»