12 August

Home hydrating mask for the face |Recipes masks

To preserve and maintain the level of elastin helps the skin stay young and supple, it is necessary to regularly recharge the epidermis.An excellent assistant in this difficult task will be home hydrating mask for the face.

Home nourishing face mask: ingredients

most popular ingredients for nourishing masks are honey and sour cream.If the body does not tolerate bee products, honey, you can instead take another product.Here are some simple recipes.

Home nutritious cucumber and honey face mask

to mask cucumber and honey are needed: the juice of cucumber and thick cream on the whole tablespoon of honey and half, that is, half a spoon.Stir until smooth and spread evenly across the face.Only the skin around the eyes, try not to touch.Washed off with cool water after 15-20 minutes.

Home hydrating mask for the face based on eggs

The composition of egg yolk mask includes chicken, 1 teaspoon of rosehip oil, 1 teaspoon honey and 2 capsules of vitamin E. Grind all ingredients until smooth, and then

rub onall over his face.This home nourishing mask for the face wash off after 20 minutes.

Nutritional yeast facial mask at home

Many housewives are present in the house yeast.But hardly anyone uses them for cosmetic purposes.And for good reason.After the yeast on the skin are magically: both nourish and cleanse, and refresh, etc. To mask you need to mix a bag of dry yeast with the milk...Owners of dry and normal skin it is recommended to add a few drops of olive oil.Treatment time 20 minutes, removed with plain water.It is necessary to drain the skin immediately using a blotting motion.

Home nutritious cheese facials

most delicious filling for pies, namely cottage cheese with egg, can also be used as a mask.Well rub ingredients and place on the face is not less than a quarter of an hour.Slightly warm water to remove the remains.

nutritional potato homemade facial mask

boiled in their jackets, one potato is well kneaded, mixed with milk and egg yolk.The resulting mixture is applied to the skin of warm for 15 minutes.You should also cover the face with a mask of thick cloth or sturdy cloth.The mixture should be washed off with warm water first, then cold.Water is necessary to alternate three times.