body Dystrophy treatment and causes |edema disease

metabolic problems can cause a serious failure in the child's development, and even in the body of an adult.Unfortunately, the body degeneration today, it is almost the same problem as obesity.In some cases, the result of the fight against excess weight, in some it is a question of malnutrition, in others it is the result of the treatment, the use of toxic drugs.In addition, metabolic effect may occur in running of liver diseases of the digestive tract and so on.

Dystrophy body

reasons dystrophy in children

worst thing - this degeneration of the body of a child.Reasons dystrophy rarely caused by a whim on the part of the baby, often unhealthy diet or malnutrition.Changes that occur during the development of a child's body dystrophy will remain with him until the end of life.Moreover, people who are deliberately brought himself to such a state and rarely may restore its normal weight and metabolism.


body dystrophy How are trying to restore the normal course of events when the body d



If body degeneration was caused by the disease - tuberculosis, immunodeficiency virus, plague, and others, you must first abolish the action of pathogenic factors, and then to begin treatment.In most cases, the disease, which could provoke a reaction similar in strength at body dystrophy, not fully cured.Therefore, as far as possible they are trying to hold back just a bit.


Then saturate the body with essential vitamins and substances that he must produce itself.


When treating degeneration of the body the patient has their own diet.He eats up to eight times a day in small portions, it allows the body to celebrate and at least partially digest the food.Although in this matter, it all depends on the stage of neglect of the problem of the body dystrophy.


In complex cases degeneration of the body, the patient is admitted for treatment, administered nutrition through an IV, through ready-made nutrients.However long you can not keep it up man.


Modern drugs can greatly brighten the problem of metabolism in the body when the body dystrophy, but it does happen options when completely irreversible degeneration.

After the degeneration of the body was taken out of the critical condition of the man still recovering for a long time, and it rarely comes to the end.Therefore, treatment and control of this issue will take place before the end of his life, although symmetry and leanness provided to him.


Today, the problem of excess weight torments huge number of people.However, few people know that this issue provokes another - starvation dystrophy (alimentary dystrophy).People want to lose weight so badly that those who have enough willpower, just pace yourself to death.The diagnosis after such a diet is as follows - alimentary dystrophy edematous or dry type.More it is called protein-free edema, hungry edema, alimentary exhaustion.All names of body dystrophy are under a same diagnosis plus human stupidity.

In the struggle for the ideals of men and women willing to bring yourself to starvation.Of course this is an exaggeration, but the alimentary dystrophy causes irreversible changes in the body, particularly in metabolism, which then recover much comes out.And then the person to be treated for life.And if it's a woman, she runs the risk of not only health but also ruin the possibility of having children save yourself.

Forms of malnutrition

  • Kaheticheskaya disease - dry alimentary dystrophy.For it is characteristic of a lack of vitamin B2, the development of stomatitis and other mucosal injuries, pneumonia.
  • edematous form of malnutrition.For it is characteristic of a lack of vitamin C, dizentirii development, the continuation of the development of mucosal disease, edema formation of the internal organs due to lack of protein.

Causes of malnutrition

How sick can make malnutrition, and the more outwardly alimentary dystrophy appears at first?


If a person eats two or three times a day, serving food do not exceed 100-200, the money he risks malnutrition.


If what he eats does not contain normal amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber, he risks to make the body dystrophy.


If excluded from the diet of meat, dairy products, carbohydrates, and most of the fiber, it will work exactly dystrophy.


After such a power in the patient begin to suffer malnutrition nails, hair, skin.Nails lose shape, density, and transparency.The hair becomes dull, lethargic, may begin to fall out.The skin dries on it develops redness, irritation.


When malnutrition increases the sensitivity of the teeth, the problem starts with the integrity of the mucosa of the mouth - periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis.System failures can start the intestine.


The man plummets protective function and it greatly endangers sick serious viral and infectious diseases.

Women of fashion worth three times, four times to consider before embarking on questionable experiments.Health does not have the ability to come back after the resumption of the usual diet, so attention to itself, this attention to his future.