How to determine the hormonal failure

Unfortunately modern women rarely experience hormonal disruptions.These disorders are the one of the main causes of various women's diseases, as well as problems with the reproductive functions.In addition, there is a significant deterioration of the physical condition and emotional well-being of women.Of course, good to have the opportunity to identify such failures in a timely manner, so that the doctor was able to assign the required treatment.

How to hormonal failure?

should be noted that the age of the woman depends on a wide spectrum of symptoms characteristic of hormonal failure.

certain symptoms of hormonal failure


have teenage girls alarming bell serves the complete absence of any menstrual irregularities, underdeveloped mammary glands, an extensive body hair skin or their complete absence, excessive weight loss.


If a young woman is of childbearing age, you should pay attention to the problem factors associated with pregnancy or childbirth.Be sure to consult your doctor to che

ck your hormonal levels, if a woman had been problems with conception, frequent pain in the lower abdomen, miscarriage, vaginal bleeding smearing nature of any kind of complications during labor and delivery, postpartum depression and lactation.


cause of hormonal failure in women at the age of 40 years is usually the so-called menopause.Listen to your feelings, assess your physical condition.Of course, menopause is not very good feel even healthy women.However, there is a certain number of important symptoms, if found, be sure to consult a doctor.This painful premenstrual symptoms, pain in the chest, scattered attention, pains in the head and joint pain, fatigue, permanent nature, depression, sleep disorders, as well as exacerbation of liver disease and pancreatic cancer.

now how to identify hormonal failure you already imagine.

What to do with hormonal failure?

If you find yourself in the above symptoms should be examined by a doctor, the results of which he would appoint a special course of treatment.It is especially important not to turn a blind eye to the treatment of hormonal pregnant women failed.Do not ignore health problems, because early detection of disease - it is a step towards wellness.