Symptoms of diseases of the lymph nodes

Consider some of the symptoms of diseases through the lymph nodes.

symptoms of diseases of the lymph nodes

Lipoma in the neck - a disease of the lymph nodes

If any lump appeared on the back of the neck, is it can not know until then, until you who do not tell about it.Round or oval lump, not to cause pain may be a symptom of lipoma - a soft, flexible, mobile subcutaneous fat.It is the most common type of tumor is not malignant soft tissue in adults, most often appear in young women and overweight people.But if the lipoma was the appearance change, it may mean that a tumor has become a cancer.

Atheroma on

head In some cases, a lump on the back of the head - it is an atheroma, sebaceous cyst (or epidermal keratin cyst).According to their symptoms as mild atheroma, mobile touch and painless.But unlike lipomas, this disease of the lymph nodes usually have a small dent or a dark spot in the middle.This cyst is a swollen hair follicles, filled with foul-smelling, thick paste-like substance, which

includes the protein keratin;Sometimes atheroma flows.

sebocystoma sometimes appear on the face and on the body, reaching a rate from five millimeters to five centimeters, they can grow bigger and and disappear completely.But if the inside becomes infected cysts, it can become a big lump, causing inflamed and painful symptoms, in this case, lipoma atheroma or to remove.

annually in the United States are diagnosed 40 cases, Ltd. head and neck cancer.Most at risk are people abusing nicotine and alcohol.A combination of these unhealthy habits further increases the risk of disease.Although sebaceous cysts, lipomas and other skin growths often benign, when a public - or tumors should be treated by a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of cancer.

Inflammation of the submandibular salivary gland

painless, slowly growing and the movable lump on the side of the neck or under the chin can be a clear symptom of the disease of the lymph nodes.In medical terms, this condition is called submandibular salivary gland tumor.This disease of the lymph nodes is stoppered salivary gland.And saliva can unexpectedly break anywhere on the face, the neck or mouth.The good news is that, as a lipoma, this tumor is not malignant.But if you suddenly discovered a lump fixed, and against this background there is a weakness, numbness, and hoarseness in his voice appeared, it may be a manifestation of a malignant tumor.

cancer of the lymph nodes

painless but firm to the touch lymph node on the side of the neck behind the jaw bone can be a warning sign of lymphoma, including Hodgkin's disease or lymphoma nehodzhinskoy.Both options - a rare form of cancer of the lymph nodes.On nehodzhinskuyu form of lymphoma accounts for up to 5% of all registered cases of cancer in the United States, and most of this diagnosis is for people over sixty years.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma is much rarer and generally affects people aged 15 to 35 years.Although, both the disease can be fatal in the early diagnosis, they quite successfully cured.Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, in some cases indicate a disease such as cancer of the thyroid gland, throat and even the digestive tract.In Nebraska, there is a popular folk remedy for such disease of the lymph nodes, as a goiter - a snake wrapped around the throat.It was believed that slipping from his neck, the snake takes with him and goiter.

Now you know the basic symptoms of lymph node disease.