Basedow 's disease signs and symptoms

Graves' disease - an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies attack the thyroid gland, causing it to produce an additional amount of hormones, which speeds up the metabolism symptoms in humans - sometimes to dangerous levels.Today we look at the basic signs and symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms of Graves 'disease

What are the symptoms of Graves' disease?

  • Popeye (ophthalmopathy);
  • swollen eyelids;
  • The feeling of "sand in the eyes";
  • tear;
  • Double vision (diplopia);
  • blurred vision;
  • Nystagmus (nervous movement of pupils from side to side).

If you can not determine whether the bulging eyes you or someone from the surrounding or just have a form, look to the sclera - eye protein.For most people, even with signs of bulging eyes sclera between the iris and the upper eyelid is not visible.But suffering from symptoms of ophthalmopathy ocular protein between the iris and the eyelids clearly visible.In addition, patients with Graves' disease with this symptom rarely blink, so it feels like they are con

stantly goggles.

If the eyes blink often enough, so they do not produce a sufficient amount of tear fluid, they become dry, irritated, there is a feeling of "sand" in Graves' disease.In some cases, ghost Graves' disease becomes difficult to completely close your eyes, then there is a threat of serious violations, including corneal ulcers (corneal damage), up to the perforation.If the eyes are not completely closed, a night dream turns into a real problem.

Symptoms of Graves 'disease

What are the symptoms of Graves' disease?

We've all seen people whose eyes seemed ready to pop out of their sockets.Remember Rodney Dangerfield?And who will forget his eyes bulging, Igor, played by Marty Feldman Mel Brook in the film "Young Frankenstein"?If the eyes are shaped from birth, it's just a family trait, and not a sign of Graves' disease.But if they suddenly began to bulge, and a condition called exophthalmos, or proptosis goggle-eyed, then we can talk about hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, which is characteristic of Graves' disease.Protruding eyes Dangerfield, like Feldman, it was the result of this particular condition.This feature - the most characteristic manifestation of Graves' disease, an extreme form of hyperthyroidism.

Increasing the amount of the hormone can affect the muscles, tissues, body fat, your eyes become larger and protrude outward, the result - ophthalmopathy or Graves' ophthalmopathy (thyroid eye disease).This symptom occurs in about half of people with Graves' disease.For some this is the sign of Graves' disease manifests itself even before it will be apparent to other signs and symptoms - palpitations, trembling hands, insomnia, heat intolerance, constant hunger, thirst, weight loss.In women, symptoms of Graves' disease occurs eight times more often than men, and five times more likely to develop ophthalmopathy.

goggle-eyed with Graves 'disease

In most cases, exophthalmos with Graves' disease affects both eyes.But if there is a sudden exophthalmia one side only, this may be a sign of hemorrhage, severe inflammation or ocular sinus cavities, and does not Graves' disease and its symptoms.In addition to violations of the thyroid gland with Graves' disease, the cause pucheglazija are infectious diseases, glaucoma, as well as more serious condition - a leukemia or a tumor eyes.Once cured the disease causing this symptom, the eye returns to its normal position.Although some people do not occur in Graves' disease symptoms.In particularly difficult cases, exophthalmos doctors have to do surgery to relieve pressure on the eyeball.

President George W. Bush X. diagnosis of "Graves' disease" was put through a year and a half after the symptoms of the disease were found in his wife, Barbara Bush.Signs of the same violation by such a short time for people living under the same roof, but not related by blood, - a phenomenon known as Graves' disease spouses.But this phenomenon occurs with a frequency of approximately one case per three million.Some of the secret researchers today believe that the water in the White House, Camp David or the Bushes in Kennebunkport house was poisoned by agents of Saddam Hussein!