Acromegaly symptoms |Paget's disease

Change facial features can be not only innate, but acquired.

Acromegaly - symptoms and signs

acromegaly - a disease in which parts of the body are increased (hands, feet, head, nose, ears, etc...) On the background of the defeat of the central nervous system (pituitary tumor), responsible for the production ofgrowth hormone.Excess of this hormone (HGH) leads to a disproportionate increase in visceral, soft tissue and bones.

Symptoms of acromegaly

At the age of 20-40 years are beginning to happen slowly changing appearance, who first begin to notice relatives and friends.There are changes in facial features: the increase in the lower jaw, cheekbones, brow ridges, gaps between teeth, ears, lips, nose.There is a degree of bulk coarse wrinkles on the face, the cheeks, forehead, back of the head.Then, the patients themselves are beginning to complain of symptoms such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, sweating, headaches, joint pain, limb numbness.In women, the menstrual cycle is disrupted and reprodu

ctive function.In men, the symptoms of acromegaly reduced libido and potency.

Symptoms of acromegaly

feet and hands increases in width, thicken heel bone.On the skin, there is an increase of sweat and sebaceous glands, acne (acne), increased hair growth.People who have found signs of acromegaly can not tolerate the heat and sweat a lot, even at room temperature.Vocal folds thickened, the voice becomes lower, there is a habit of snoring during sleep.If bone growth is not yet complete, the patient developed gigantism.

Increased muscle mass in acromegaly initially leads to an increase in muscle strength, and then to decrease in muscle weakness and motor activity.There are complaints of symptoms such as muscle pain, feeling of "pins and needles" in the night.At the same time there are other endocrine disorders: diabetes, thyroid disease, reduced gonadal function, etc.

Paget's disease

Symptoms of Paget's disease

characteristic changes in the skull with Paget's disease..This disease is characterized by symptoms: change in the bone, resulting in bone grow in size, while their negative pressure.The reason is presumed to be a viral infection.Bones with Paget's disease become weak, fragile and brittle, change shape, causing pain.The disease Paget's disease often has a malignant character.Most often affects the spine, pelvis, lower limbs and the skull.Unlike acromegaly, Paget's disease head is not increased due to the soft tissues, as a result of increased bone of the skull.

Thus they become irregular, loose, thickened cranial vault, uneven shape of the skull, knobbly.If the process involves the auditory nerve, it may develop deafness.The defeat of the facial bones of the skull leads to changes in the shape of the face, reminiscent of a lion's head ( "leontiasis").Limb bones (tibia and forearm) soften and arched curved convex forward, the skin over the lesions hot.Patients concerned about these symptoms: severe pain and limitation of movement in the joints affected bones.