12 August

Office + conditioner = runny nose and sore throat

Not all happily spend their time at work.And the reason in most cases does not depend on the unfulfilled hopes for a high salary.The most simple and ordinary things can cause negative emotions of employees, up to despair.Such indignation is justified, especially in offices where there are a large number of people and air conditioning, from which it is impossible to hide.

Most work in unbearable conditions, as share with their friends on social networks: «... .mne monthly report today to take, and cast-iron head, hanging from above air conditioner, it is warm outside, razzharilo colleagues and I freeze, even at 10minutes do not give a turn off, periodically run out into the hall to warm up .. "" ... in our office today is pretty cool in the morning included a split-system, and turn off the forgotten earn woke up only for dinner, went out into the street to breathe, afterstuffiness can say are in heaven ... and by the end of the day I have a sore throat, probably just .. » - here are the various complain

ts makes office workers today.

course, air conditioners / split systems provide cool or, conversely, warm air, bringing relief to people by improving efficiency.However, prolonged exposure in an enclosed space in such an atmosphere, and the transition from one heat or cool environment to another there is not only the temperature imbalance, but also a high risk of catching a cold.Even with a strong immunity no one is safe from infection in the office premises.There

and infectious danger emanating directly from the air conditioners.Enclosed even with frequent cleaning and moisturizing - a source of harmful bacteria.Scientists have accumulated a mass of data, pointing to it as a breeding ground for infection.Experts believe that the most advanced cleaning the filters of air conditioners do not protect from dangerous pathogens.The most common "citizens" of air conditioners are considered, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and streptococcus.Last often causes inflammation of the throat and nasal passages.It may be sufficient to carry out a number of air-conditioned and just a couple of hours, hello - cold!

When sore throat and runny nose do not need to let things take their course, and quickly start terapiyu.V this case the treatment will require a minimum investment of time, finances, and will be most effective.The doctor usually appoints Bioparox, followed by irrigation of the throat and nose.As part of the preparation of the local natural antibiotic action - fusafungine.

fusafungine not only helps to remove pathogenic flora, but also has its own anti-inflammatory action, with the help of reduced swelling of the mucous membrane, leaving red, sore and painful throat.

Avoid conditioners in the office is almost impossible.The stream of "miracle" technology will sooner or later catch up.However, certain steps can be taken which, if not save, it will reduce the risk of common cold infections.Standard methods of prevention, of course, known to all, but in a continuous air conditioner - maloeffektivny.Ne let colleagues dramatically change the temperatures, insist on periodic disconnect the air conditioner.Stay away from those comrades who have appeared a runny nose or cough.Take breaks to rest, for example, when working at the computer, you can leave the room for 2-5 minutes every 40-50 minutes.At dinner, try not to burden the body fat and sweet and only eat fresh and healthy food - vegetables, fruits, fish.