Vesicles Symptoms and Treatment |How to treat vesiculitis

vesicles is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles.This formation in the male is responsible for education and bringing out the liquid part of semen.In our article we will tell about the symptoms and about treatment vesiculitis vesiculitis.How to treat the vesicles need to know everything.

Treatment vesiculitis

vesiculitis How to treat?

Anyone who is looking for answers on how to treat vesiculitis at home want to say at once that this pathology must be cured only in a specialized hospital.vesiculitis Treatment should be conducted with strict regard to laboratory tests, clinical picture, stages of the disease and the patient's constitution.

As a rule, for the treatment appointed:

  • courses modern antibiotics with broad spectrum of action for the treatment of vesiculitis,
  • antipyretics for the treatment of vesiculitis symptoms,
  • antibacterials when vazikulite,
  • painkillers to treat pain symptoms vesiculitis,
  • laxative rectal suppositories with anesthetics.

As shown vesiculitis physiot

herapy?Treatment of chronic vesiculitis at home followed by physiotherapy courses.In the acute phase of the use of physiotherapy is contraindicated.In acute treatment vesiculitis vesiculitis appointed only after the temperature increase will take place, and subside the symptoms of acute inflammation.


What procedures are part of a complex treatment vesiculitis? Patients with symptoms vesiculitis appointed massages seminal vesicles through the rectum, mud applications on the crotch area, hot tubs, warm enema using drugs, infusions and decoctions, providing restorative and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of vesiculitis.Good indicators of treatment vesiculitis symptoms or prolonged remissions can be achieved in the application of modern methods of hardware physiotherapy as electrophoresis, magnetic therapy and laser therapy.These devices are provided with special nozzles, introduced into the urethra of a patient for the treatment vesiculitis.In the complex treatment must be administered vesiculitis immunomodulators gepatoprotektory and means to prevent goiter.


What a lifestyle during treatment vesiculitis? should be remembered that the greatest effect of the treatment of symptoms vesiculitis can be achieved in the absence of hypothermia, active lifestyle and a diet full compliance.Therefore, treatment and prevention of vesiculitis at home is also important.

Symptoms vesiculitis

Before wondering about how to cure vesicles and its symptoms is important to establish the reasons for his breed.Impact on the cause of the symptoms vesiculitis will quickly alleviate the suffering of the patient and return the lost organ function.Among the predisposing factors vesiculitis should be listed:

  • impact of gonococcal infection,
  • chlamydia,
  • streptococci,
  • pathology of the seminal vesicles,
  • chronic diseases,
  • sexual excesses,
  • constipation,
  • hypothermia
  • alcohol abuse.
  • often vesicles may be associated with BPH and prostatitis, urethritis, and epidimitom.

Clinical symptoms vesiculitis

In terms of flow to distinguish between chronic and acute symptoms of vesicles.

Symptoms of acute vesiculitis

characterized by raising the temperature and the formation of festering in the seminal vesicles.In that case, if the abscess does not reveal, perhaps, his spontaneous opening into the lumen of the urethra, the rectum or the bladder.

Symptoms of chronic vesiculitis

Chronic vesicles has bright clinical symptoms and is most often characterized by the spread of the inflammatory process in the testicles, which can subsequently lead to infertility.