Hematoma bone - Treatment and Symptoms

Bones and joints are the basis of our body.They perform a support and motor function.However, under the influence of various external factors, even a strong musculoskeletal system may be exposed to various diseases.For example, it may cause bone bruise, accompanied by a hematoma.Treatment of bone bruising and we will cover in this article.

bone Hematoma - Causes

hematoma - a blood formation, which occurs when damaged blood capillaries.Then a certain amount of external blood penetrates tissue.

bone Hematoma can consist of both liquid and of coagulated blood.At the same time functioning of the complex.

bone Hematoma - Symptoms

hematite bone or joint can be determined even approximately.Hematoma bone is manifested by symptoms such as a sharp sense of pain, limited swelling of the surrounding tissue, a change in color to red or purplish-blue.The motion of the affected limb is complicated.If the hematoma formed in the bone of the skull from the outside, there is a phenomenon, which is called "bump."

Hematoma bone - treatment

What bone bruise requires treatment?To begin the treatment of bone bruising use ice or cold objects.They are applied to the site of impact.The cold helps to ensure that the blood vessels are compressed.Blood flows less.With the same purpose, impose a pressure bandage.Damaged place needs a little lift.

There are some simple techniques, how to reduce the pain and swelling with bone hematoma during treatment:

  • impose a mixture of aloe leaves and honey;
  • affective remedy is crushed plantain;
  • cold cabbage leaves are applied to the affected area;
  • herb wormwood, St. John's wort reduces symptoms of hematoma.

It is important not to delay the visit to the doctor in the treatment of bone bruising.Until that time, the patient is best left in peace and quiet.

After examination in the hospital, the treatment of hematoma dice will likely consist of the application of warming means, compresses and ointments.Accelerates rehabilitation massage course.

However, in severe cases, may require a simple operation with a hematoma in the treatment of bone.Doctor with a special device pumps blood from the tissue.Then treatment is much faster and does not cause complications.

Hematoma bone treatment which time started, held a few weeks.If the feeling of pain does not pass, and the operation is still limited, it may signal the occurrence of complications.At untimely treatment of the disease may progress to a chronic stage.