Intracerebral hematoma - Treatment and Symptoms

According to statistics, about 70% of deaths of people under the age of 40 years happen from head injuries.The cause of the tragic half of intersections becomes intracerebral hematoma - intracerebral hemorrhage.

Intracerebral hematoma - Causes

How intracerebral hematoma occurs and how to affect the body?Thick skull can not reliably protect the brain, it often suffers as a result, damaged.More than half of injury occurs during acceleration or sudden stop.At that point, the bones of the skull and brain are displaced at different speeds.Subsequently, this difference is injured as a direct point of impact, and remote areas.The blood vessels of the brain with intracerebral hematoma damaged arise hemorrhage, the severity of which depends on many factors.

Like many other types of hematomas, intracerebral hematoma - a bleeding, but it is dangerous in that the blood accumulates in the brain.In modern medicine, a clear definition of this concept is not, because the studies have not been completed in this area

.Yet it can be said that the diagnosis of "intracerebral hematoma" put in the identification, by means of computer tomography, blood concentrations of a diameter of 1 cm. Or a volume of 5 ml.Such hemorrhages cause squeezing the pulp, its displacement and disruption of normal human life.Most at risk of hemorrhage frontal, occipital and temporal areas of the head.

Intracerebral hematoma - Symptoms Symptoms

intracerebral hematoma of the brain may be a memory disorder, speech and hearing change, decrease or increase the sensitivity, abnormal vision and hearing, loss of consciousness.

Intracerebral hematoma - treated

Intracerebral hematoma diagnosed very difficult.Hemorrhage progressively increases within a few days after the injury and symptoms, respectively, also occur over some time.It happens that the bruise formation process takes place even with some delay.Treatment

intracerebral hematoma, basically, medical, but in case of hemorrhage size greater than 30 ml.and is accompanied by severe abnormalities in the brain - for the treatment of intracerebral hematoma may need surgery.

Help with head injury

When a head injury should:

  • to apply cold to the affected area;
  • immediately consult a doctor, as self-in this case does not help.

And very importantly - take care of yourself and your family from injury, be careful!Compliance with safety regulations at all times can save your life and protect against disability.