Why after sex sore lower abdomen and vagina

Some women after sex experience discomfort in the abdomen and genitals.These symptoms may indicate a pathology of the pelvic organs, so that kind of pain should not be ignored or trying to solve the problem using painkillers.It is best to seek help from a gynecologist and pass the necessary research.Do not wait until the pain itself will take place in these days of pain after sex can be treated successfully if detected in time reasons.So, let's look at the most common reasons why after sex stomach ache?

After sex, pain abdomen - causes

Women often after intercourse complain of pain not only in the stomach, but in the genitals - they may experience burning, itching in the vagina, the organs become swollen and red.In order to answer why a stomach ache after having sex and the woman experiences discomfort in the vagina should be done a number of clinical studies, possibly an ultrasound.The cause of unpleasant sensations in the vagina and abdomen after sex may be inflammation, venereal disease, thrush.Pa

thogens thrush often lead to pain and discomfort in the genital organs.Treatment of infections and inflammatory processes should be carried out as intended and under the supervision of a gynecologist.

Why after sex sore lower abdomen and vagina?

ovarian cyst - the cause of abdominal pain after sex

first step is to determine where it hurts, in which part of the stomach.If the pain is localized in the lower abdomen on the left or the right, it is likely that the cause of all ovarian cyst.Cyst - a benign tumor, which treatment depends on the variety.Cysts, which appeared as a result of functional disorders may disappear on their own after two or three menstrual cycles.

until the brush will not be gone before intercourse can take painkillers to reduce the pain after close to a minimum.It also makes sense to give up such positions in sex, in which a woman can not independently adjust the depth of penetration of the penis.Try to position the woman from above, in case of problems with the ovaries is the best option.

Cervicitis - the cause of abdominal pain after sex

pain after sex can trigger cervicitis - inflammation of the cervix.It can be caused by irritation, which causes the penis during sexual intercourse, when he entered deep into the vagina.Thus women may experience pain both during intercourse, and immediately after him - is a sharp pain in the vagina and the lower abdomen.

Uterine fibroids - the cause of abdominal pain after sex

Women who have uterine fibroids after some postures may also experience abdominal pain, why after sex there is pain in the abdomen in this case?This is due to a pressure which may cause swelling on the viscera situated near the uterus.By choosing such a position at which during intercourse tumor is under pressure, it is, in turn, puts pressure on the nerve plexus and other organs, so often especially after the deep penetration during sex, a woman may experience pain in the abdomen and vagina.

Endometriosis and vulvodynia, and Bartolini, can cause pain after intercourse.Adhesions in the pelvis and bladder infections lead to pain sensations as during sexual intercourse or after it.All of these diseases require treatment, so at first unpleasant symptoms after sex contact your gynecologist.

Now you know why after sex sore lower abdomen and vagina.

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