Why a stomach ache in early pregnancy

In early pregnancy, women often experience different pain - can hurt the waist and abdomen.Among such symptoms should be treated very carefully, because it is in the early stages of pregnancy is high risk of miscarriage.Pain in the lumbar region may appear due to the increase of the hormone progesterone.Often women during early pregnancy ill cystitis, and it can also cause pain in the lower back.

Back pain can also be permanent, so it is due to the fact that the center of gravity of my stomach, in which the fetus develops.In any case, all new feelings and suspicious symptoms, it is desirable to inform the gynecologist, which she observed.Most alarming are abdominal pain, as these may indicate serious diseases or the threat of miscarriage.So let's take a closer look at why stomach ache in early pregnancy.

Can stomach ache in early pregnancy?

If you have the early stages of stomach ache, do not just panic and think about the bad, abdominal pain in early pregnancy is not always indicate any violation or

pathology.If pain is not severe, are rare and pass quickly - no reason to worry, but to be completely sure that everything is in order to visit a gynecologist.If the pains are frequent, intense or cramping - you should immediately contact your doctor.Often pain in women occur in the first days of pregnancy, the stomach becomes sensitive to touch, a woman may feel like aching and intense pain in the abdomen, and appendages.This is a disturbing symptom as it may indicate the first ectopic pregnancy.

As the egg grows in the tube, and does not fall into the uterus it causes very unpleasant feelings from a dull ache to sharp unbearable.That's why a stomach ache in early pregnancy.If the pregnancy test was positive, but you for some reason have not visited a gynecologist and you in the early stages began to disturb pains in the abdomen and appendages - should not be put off a visit to the doctor.Ectopic pregnancy requires surgery, so a doctor should be visited as soon as possible.

Why stomach ache in early pregnancy?

abdomen during early pregnancy may be sick, if a woman has a miscarriage threat.There are several stages of spontaneous abortion: a menacing, began, in the course of an abortion, incomplete and complete abortion.In the first stage of women report a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, may be dragging pain in the abdomen, not only, but also in the sacral region.If a woman already began miscarriage - there bleeding and pain are frequent and intense.Often miscarriage occurs very rapidly, so things do not seem to make it possible.Alarming symptom if you have a stomach ache, and at the same time pulls back, in which case you should immediately consult a doctor.

Many women are interested in the question, why can stomach ache in early pregnancy, when all indicators are normal?In this case, do not worry if a gynecologist at survey did not reveal any abnormalities and woman in general, it feels good - abdominal pain may be due to physiological changes.After all, a woman's body is completely rebuilt - tissues that support the uterus, are softened, the uterus grows and shifts so tingling and stretching the abdomen is normal.If a woman's menstrual period before pregnancy were quite painful during pregnancy, it may experience nagging pains.The most important thing to monitor the intensity and frequency of pain.If the pain becomes severe cramping and should immediately seek the advice of a gynecologist.

Abdominal pain in the first trimester

In the first trimester of the lower abdomen, usually hurts because of the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.The woman's body begins to rebuild, tissues that support the uterus, softened under the influence of hormones.Changes occur with the uterus - it is stretched and is gradually shifting.The threshold of pain sensitivity in all women are different, and thus some women simply do not notice these changes, while others seem to tingle and stretching the abdomen is very painful.Such pains are very often those women who took to the pregnancy is painful menstruation.

Why stomach hurts during the second trimester?

on early in the second trimester pregnant women should disturb nothing, the uterus has not yet strongly stretched, it does not press on other organs, the abdominal muscles are not strongly stretched, so if occasionally during this period there are nagging pains they should be minimal,if they have an intense cramping in nature you should immediately consult your doctor.

Causes stomach pain during the third trimester

During this period, the child becomes more and uterus too stretched, it begins to "push" other internal organs, significantly shifts the intestine, also more stretched abdominal muscles, so at this time can be uncomfortablelower abdomen.Why sore abdomen during pregnancy in this period?In most cases, the pain is associated with the intestines, due to the fact that he was dismissed - for him food moves more slowly it hard to cope with their usual "duties", it is quite normal, if a pregnant will experience lower abdominal discomfort.

Usually this manifests itself in the form of tingling and more often on the left.To once again load the intestine should monitor their diet, should eat more often but smaller portions.The diet of the pregnant woman must necessarily be a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, but the consumption of fatty and sweet should be reduced.As you can see, the lower abdomen during pregnancy can hurt for different reasons, and they do not always indicate disease or pathology.But of course to dispel any doubts it is best to consult a doctor.

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