Meals for headaches

Balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can get rid of a headache.In this connection, it should list a few specific problems that you need to pay special attention to if you want to improve your health:

  • presence in your diet foods that cause headaches;
  • overeating or malnutrition;
  • Irregular meals;
  • Food allergies;
  • Reception stimulant drugs of any type, including drugs and substances such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Power headaches

use of such funds end up causing a brief state of euphoria and dulling any pain, but their reception is always backfire.The liver, the main organ of detoxification, is overloaded, weakened and can no longer cope with its functions.This affects the colon, which also becomes inactive and sluggish, resulting in constipation.As a result, toxic wastes accumulate in the body by inhibiting the nerve centers of the brain, which causes a severe headache.

diet headaches

There are several benign dietary recommendations for food for headaches that have helped many of my

patients to balance their diet.Some of these new rules, while others have been known for a long time.Here's what I recommend:


For headaches include in a diet only natural food.Buy products, grown without hormones and pesticides.Eat fresh rather than frozen or canned fruits and avoid or restrict to a minimum the consumption of rich products with fruit or vegetables such as pumpkin pie.(Vegetarians combinations of cereals or legumes, soy and miso type semi receive the required amount of proteins.) Try at every meal has some fresh fruits or vegetables.


For headaches follow a diet that matches your blood type.Read the book "4 blood groups - 4 Ways to Health" by Peter D'Adamo, to make the right diet.This will not only alert a headache, but also help get rid of chronic fatigue condition.


Eat headaches according to your body's type and characteristics of the functioning of your glands.Read the book of Dr. Abravanel "Diet on the body type and protein plan for life", there you will find useful tips on healthy eating that will help you feel better and lose weight.weight loss system and maintain a balance in the body, developed by Dr. Abravanel, based on determining food preferences and partial or total rejection of them.For example, you can enjoy a sweet (thyroid, or T-type) or salty (adrenaline, or A-type) food, and eliminating it from the diet to restore balance in your body.This will prevent excess weight and reduce the load on the corresponding glands.


Check out the recommendations of Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural medicine that is practiced for thousands of years in India.Use this information to develop proper eating habits.Dr. Vasant Lad wrote the book "Ayurveda: the science of self-healing", a very simple and affordable management, which will help you to accurately determine the type of your body.

What excluded from power for headaches?

rejection of drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and some freely sold medicines can cause severe headache, but fortunately, these stimulants are usually short-lived and the lack of additional doses cause only temporary discomfort.Normally, 48 hours is sufficient to completely clean the body from these substances.

Everybody knows weak, languid expression "hunger headache" that occurs when you do not have time to eat, but after a meal passes.The reason for this malaise is hypoglycemia - low blood substance required for the successful activity of the brain - glucose, and if the body is not getting what it needs, then over time you will begin to experience a "brain thirst."Balanced and timely nutrition is very important for the health and prevent headaches.