The adenoids in children treated without surgery |Treatment adenoids folk remedies

adenoids - is caused by an infectious disease excessive proliferation of nasopharyngeal tonsils.adenoids Treatment is medical and folk remedies.

Treatment of adenoids in children without surgery

written in the medical literature that the presence of a child inflamed adenoids, can be fraught with very serious complications.Difficulty breathing through the nose in some cases leads to deviations in the formation of the facial skeleton, the possibility of the development of sinusitis, hearing impairment.The child may often complain of severe pain in the ear.How to treat a child's adenoids without surgery?

How to treat a child's adenoids?

When it raises the question of inevitability adenotomy, surgery to remove the adenoids, it must be said that there is the most appropriate approach is, step by step.And all because adenotomy is not very urgent surgery, it is almost always possible to postpone, to take advantage of more lenient treatment methods.required for most adenotomy, so to speak, to mature as a

child and his parents.To speak about the urgent need for surgical intervention in adenoids in children, it can be used only when all tried non-surgical methods, and there is no effect.

In most cases, correct all violations of the exact mechanism of immune regulation with a knife in adenoids the child is almost impossible, for example, as well as to eliminate the failure in a complex computer with a hammer and scrap.A knife can only try, to some extent, prevent complications appeared, and so before you take him, you need to make sure whether the trend to explicit their development is observed.

Incidentally, the operation of removing the adenoids the child, if it happened that completely abandon it is not possible.All protective mechanisms located on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, fully recovered after surgery, no earlier than three or four months.

Contraindications to remove the adenoids the child

It should also be noted that for the treatment of adenoids adenotomy dangerous enough to perform in a very early age.Some scientific journals wrote that just before the age of five, the child generally contraindicated any surgery on the tonsils.One should always know that with age, many of the tonsils themselves are reduced in volume.

Before adenoids to treat a child, you need to remember that each person in life there is a small period of time when there is a very quick introduction of the organism with the external environment microflora, thus, the tonsils may increase.

Treatment adenoids folk remedies

However, it is worth remembering the fact that the outcome of the treatment of adenoids the child folk remedies depends entirely on the stage at which they are located, that is, if the offspring have found the first or second degree, it is possible to carry out treatment of adenoids inchildren without surgery, using drugs and other professional advice.But the third degree leads directly to the doctor's chair - a surgeon.After the inspection directly to the operating room, where doctors will carry out operational activities, during which will remove the inflamed part of the body tissue.

Although, for now we will not talk about the worst and most painful form, and talk about folk remedies Treatment of adenoids in children, often because they provide the basis for a full recovery.

People's treatment of adenoids in children

Of the large number of "Grandma's medicine chest" recipes highlight the most effective and high-quality:


Firstly, sinus lavage should be carried out not just water, and warm infusion of flowers andleaves St. John's wort, thanks to this duo baby will feel relieved after the first procedure.


You can also wash the nose, adding water to two drops of tincture of sea buckthorn, such a mixture will result in improved purification of the mucous, which in turn fully to cleanse the respiratory tract.


Another is to try to treat the procedure of warming in adenoids, which contains the heating of the side surfaces of the nose and the nose with warm sand bags, not because of a tricky procedure, the child will forget about the problems within three days.


Well, of course, do not forget about the properties of marine mud, which is also applied to the side of the nose, and then wash off with a folk remedy for adenoids warm water.Clay enhances blood and lymph vessels.

adenoids Treatment of celandine

Celandine - an effective folk remedy for the treatment of adenoids.Recipes medicines to treat adenoids are quite simple.


This will require two tablespoons of chopped herbs Celandine pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes on low heat.Then you need to give infusions broth for 1 hour and further strain.


For the treatment required to melt the interior pork fat to treat adenoids folk remedies, so that turned out half a glass and mix it with a decoction of celandine.The following is to hold the composition in an oven for one hour to obtain an average density of the drug.Cooled down means stored in the refrigerator.To this solution was added a few drops of celandine and mixed.Dip a piece of cotton is necessary in medicine and attach to the nose.These lotions have to do for 6 minutes at least three repetitions per day.The effect is not long to wait.After 10 days, a folk medicine will certainly help you.


to treat adenoids folk remedies need to take one teaspoon of the composition by adding a drop of celandine and mix.Wool soaked pieces of medicine, put his nose sick child, you must keep that for 5-7 minutes three times a day.

Sea salt in adenoids

effective folk remedy is sea salt in the treatment of adenoids.The cure is washed nasopharynx.Recipe: in water, brought to 30 degrees, add one teaspoon of salt, then salt must be thoroughly dissolved before its complete collapse of the crystals.This is a mandatory rule, becausenot dissolve the crystals can damage the nasal passages.Then you need to taste - if there is enough salt in the water.There are times when it becomes too much salt, or conversely insufficient.Water should remind you to taste the sea.Use the medication recommended 2 times a day by washing the nasopharynx.In children with this form of treatment may be a burning sensation in the nose and throat.In such case, change in the proportion of salt water.

Treatment adenoids cloves

necessary to take ten cloves and pour them a glass of boiling water.Then follows broth to give infusions to display a brownish tint.This decoction should be instilled 2 drops in the nose as often as possible until they are cured.

Treatment adenoids herbs


For treatment will need one tablespoon Boudreau pour 1 cup of water and boil 10 minutes on low heat.Vapours inhaled decoction 3-4 times a day for 5 minutes.


Horsetail: two tablespoons pour a glass of water and boil for 7-8 minutes.Then let standing for two hours.These infusion nasal lavage is performed 1-2 times a day for a week.


to treat adenoids chopped herb St. John's wort must be mixed with four parts butter.Next, add to the mix one teaspoon of celandine 5 drops of juice.Pour the mixture into a bottle and shake until the emulsion.Her 2 drops instilled into each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Means of treatment of adenoids in children

packs in adenoids


To prepare national funds should be taken after a bitter-sweet (especially useful in March), which grows in damp places, a good pound and mix with pork fat, then apply the mixture on a clean cotton cloth and apply a compress on the neck like a collar.


Folk remedy adenoids: Make a compress of soft dough, sprinkle with chopped herbs ragwort stems, to impose their neck.The procedure is repeated 1-2 times in a half hour.

Aloe in adenoids in children

very good for the treatment of adenoids help burying the nose at night aloe juice.To do this, cut and wash the lower leaf houseplant (older will be scarlet, the better), crush and strain the juice through cheesecloth.Place the child on the back and one or two drops in each nostril drip the juice.Check that at least five minutes a child lay motionless, and no one ate and drank.It is also very effective remedy is the homeopathic Tui oil.Use only homeopathic oil, otherwise you will burn the entire mucosa of the child.You can also use a mixture of honey and sugar beet, the infusion of the leaves of eucalyptus, birch and chamomile flowers, sea buckthorn oil or tincture of horsetail.

nasal lavage in adenoids


for treatment of adenoids in a glass of boiled water stir 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and 15-20 drops of 10 percent alcohol solution of propolis.This solution rinse the nose 3-4 times a day, pouring into each nostril 1/2 cup freshly prepared.


Take 2 tablespoons of horsetail, pour a glass of water, boil for 7-8 minutes and infuse for 2 hours.Irrigate the nasal passages 1-2 times a day for a week.

Treatment of adenoids in

home Inflammation of adenoid tissue affected sinuses, throat and mouth.To become a child again to fully breathe his nose for the treatment is three times a day to bury vasoconstrictor drops that relieve swelling of the mucosa and restore complete airway.Such a miracle drops include: galazolin, Naphthyzinum, xylene and vibrotsil and Sanorin, but the latter must have a prescription drug, because before use for the treatment of adenoids should consult with a specialist.

However, this treatment of folk remedies should not last more than a week, since the drops can lead to atrophic processes.In addition to the drops for the nose, the patient must do breathing exercises, for example, inflate balloons, toys or in a sitting position, closing one nostril, inhale another, then exhale the one that was closed, and the previously open plug.Of course, to immerse themselves in the traditional medicine, on the neck is to wash the nose, moist compress to do and, of course, on a weekly basis after full recovery, the swimming pool, because it is a visit to such places helps to recover throughout the body completely.

Inhalation in adenoids in children

Adenoides lately quite a common disease that occurs in children between the ages of one to eight years.There are basically three stages adenoids in children - the first, second, well and third respectively.But let's understand better if the third stage of the adenoids in children are all quite understandable, because most often the patient is sent to the office of the surgeon, who surgically removes the inflamed organ tissue.So when the first and second stages are all pretty messy, of course, they are treated with drugs, herbs, and even massage the outer side of the sinuses.Distributed as inhalation adenoids

But apart from all this diversity is to provide medical prescriptions and inhalation adenoids, which are also quite effective and quality.

It inhalation adenoids give a second wind to the patient, they can be used as a prevention, and as a tool during an unpleasant disease.But even with this miracle - the drug has its own little subtleties.Let's talk about them and discuss a couple of the most efficient and effective recipes for this difficult, but necessary for a patient's inhalation treatments in adenoids.

In general, it should be noted that the hot, or as they are called, steam inhalation in adenoids, are contraindicated.But inflammation can be used inhalation adenoids tissue of another species, they will help reduce inflammation and clear the sinuses mucosal wall.

Treatment adenoids oils

Certainly one of the most popular recipes for inhalation in adenoids in children is essential oil.The evaporated oils of lavender, tea tree or sage, mint, juniper and cypress stands by inhalation for the treatment of adenoids breathe in slowly, and then exhale sharply.It is such a simple, but effective procedure positively impact already at the first sessions of the Conference, as you can not distribute these smells in the room, and put on a wet handkerchief and inhale the air of typesetting it.

These oils can be instilled into the nose, throwing 1 drop 20-30 drops of neutral oils, such a procedure is also in adenoids in children is quite effective.

Also, when such ailments used garlic, honey, milk, horsetail, lemon and propolis.From these ingredients, you can create one of the most effective drinks to treat adenoids - grate half the ginger root, add the juice of one lemon or lime juice and a couple of spoons of honey, pour 1 liter of warm water, stir, strain and drink.It is such a simple, but quite effective and high-quality recipes will put on the patient's feet on the third day.

symptoms of adenoids in children

should be noted that the adenoids - is nothing more than the formation of lymphoid tissue, which is part of nasopharyngeal tonsils.To conduct inspection of the place you want to apply special ENT instruments.Adenoids arise in the event that there is not dolechennye chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.Blood and lymph are beginning to stagnate, and the immune system stops functioning.Disturbed nasal breathing also occurs frequently mucus that fills the nasal passages and drains into the nasal passages.Thus, through it appears adenoids and chronic inflammation of the mucosa of the nose.

Since nasal breathing is difficult, the baby will sleep with his mouth open, his sleep is restless, you may be snoring.During daylight hours, the children become sluggish and somewhat apathetic.Through the adenoids, and sometimes may even drop the hearing or speech distorted due to the closure of the pharyngeal opening, and disruption of normal ventilation of the middle ear.The adenoids lead to headache, swelling of the upper lip, eczema, poor taste, but in consequence of a long predicament breathing can sdeformirovatsya chest.In addition, over time, will incontinence at night, coughing, frequent sore throat with fever up to thirty-nine degrees.If there adenoids in children - Treatment of folk remedies will be an alternative to surgery.

Cough in adenoids in children

Cough - a protective function of the body that is responsible for the excretion of mucus from the respiratory tract, which is formed during inflammation of the airways.These positive characteristics it can be observed in tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Cough in adenoids is such a symptom that is very common both in chronic and acute diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as many other diseases.Cough may vary some of its properties, depending on the location of the source of inflammation in the upper or lower respiratory tract.

But the presence of a person long, exhausting, painful cough, for a long time, indicates a disease of the adenoids.Such cough in adenoids leads to disruption of restful sleep.Character of cough - dry, but maybe sometimes accompanied by discharge from the muco-purulent and purulent secret.This is due to the fact that Skopje mucus and pus descend from the nasopharynx to the upper and lower respiratory tract, causing acute cough.Such allocation children often swallow, because for them it is much easier to do than to expectorate.Parents are fairly easy to recognize the nature of this throat cough in adenoids.Although dry throat cough is also a sign of the disease.