Symptoms of lactase deficiency in infants

In that case, if the deficit of lactic acid bacteria observed in the stomach, lactose cleaving activity decreases and uncleaved lactose in the stomach becomes too much.Not digested lactose causes fluid flow from the body into the intestine, which leads to the development of liquid stool.This condition is called lactose deficiency.

Symptoms of lactose deficiency in infants

How to determine lactose deficiency?


To determine the lactose deficiency look closely at the baby belly.Make sure that the child has not increased gas production.If the inspection according to the indications given a positive result, then most likely, the baby lactase deficiency.


Also, the emergence of symptoms of lactose deficiency can speak troubled child's behavior during and after feeding.For example, the baby has a good appetite, but some time after the feeding procedure begins to worry or even cry.


Note grudnichka chair.If it happens often enough, watery, foaming, and has a characteristic sour smell, it spe

aks of the manifestation of lactose deficiency in infants.Remember that when using diapers liquid absorbs quickly.Therefore, for the analysis of fecal material use, do not absorb water.


child slowly gaining weight or even begins to lose its development In severe lactose deficiency.When the flow of the disease may develop dehydration.


To determine the lactose deficiency is best to analyze the total carbohydrate content in feces.If the amount of carbohydrates in baby feces is 0.3 - 0.5%, this indicates that the deviation is insignificant, at 0.6 - 1.0% - average content, and if the result is greater than 1% - a significant amount.

Secondary lactase deficiency

How to identify the symptoms of secondary lactose deficiency?

It should be noted that it is much more common in babies occurs secondary, more advanced forms of lactose deficiency.The reason for its occurrence is the presence of diseases, inflammation, intestinal infections, immune reactions to cow's milk protein.As a result, damage to the enterocytes.Quite often, lactase deficiency in infants occurs when food allergy, which uses a child or his mother.In this case there is an allergic reaction in the gut, and acts as lactase deficiency as its complications.

not ask for a long time the question: "How to determine lactose deficiency" When the first symptoms of the disease or doubt at the expense of good health kid to a professional.Procrastination can significantly affect the future health of the child.