12 August

Adaptation - the ability for the winter cold

cold Influence

While heat waves (heat waves) still hold the palm of the number of premature deaths, the total number of deaths per winter day average is still 15% higher than in the summer day.

Nevertheless, the impact of cold on the human is very diverse.Cold can be a direct cause of death in the case of hypothermia.It can also contribute to the emergence of diseases, sometimes resulting in death, such as colds and pneumonia;winter increases the number of accidents on the roads, falls on the ice, carbon monoxide poisoning and fires.

Though logic tells us that in colder climates greater risk of illness and death associated with it is cold, it is not necessarily so.Again, the main role is played by habit.In one study, comparing winter mortality in the 13 cities with different climates in different parts of the United States, found a significantly greater mortality during an unexpected cold weather in warmer regions in the south, while the northern regions, where the population is accustomed to the

cold, suffered less.For example, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there was no increase in mortality, even when the temperature fell to -35 ° C.However, in Atlanta, Georgia, mortality increased sharply when the temperature dropped to about 0 ° C.

adaptation - the ability for the winter cold

We have the ability to adapt quickly to the sudden drop in temperature.The most critical time of disease and death, seem to occur during the first severe cold season.The longer the temperature is low, the better we akklimatiziruemsya.The soldiers, travelers and professional athletes, as well as many women often come from the modern concept of acclimatization, exposing themselves to extreme temperatures, in order to strengthen their coping mechanisms, before going on a journey.For example, there is evidence that men taking a bath with a water temperature of 15 ° C for half an hour every day for 9 days before the trip to the Arctic, it is easier suffered stress as compared to the non-hardened men called cold.

On the other hand, our adaptability to the winter cold may be less effective if we maintain in their homes, schools and offices too hot in winter.Internal heating (plus good hygiene) leads to some fall in winter deaths from respiratory diseases, but it does not affect the death rate from coronary events.Heating buildings means that the output of the cold causes more stress and stronger effect on the heart.In the middle of the winter temperature difference between inside and outside times can reach 10-15 ° C.Under such circumstances, our adaptive mechanisms become less effective.Respiratory tract spasm can respond to sudden breath of cold, dry air, while our immune response may weaken, which ultimately leads to the disease.