12 August

How interconnected wind and thermoregulation ?

Globally, these belts winds are part of the mechanism that regulates the temperature of our planet.Where global wind currents converge in the equatorial region and the mid-latitudes, the warm air rises and can cause some areas to low pressure.These areas are characterized by high humidity and frequent rains.Where global wind flow rate, cool air descends, forming a high-pressure area, where rainfall is rare.

importance of wind

Wind also plays a role - in thermoregulation of the human body.In this respect, the wind - it's a double edged sword.A light breeze on a hot day can bring welcome relief.When warm air rises from the ground up, the cool air from the ocean replaces it and creates a soft breeze, with whom we have associated the seaside (in the late afternoon the cycle goes in the opposite direction, because the land cools faster than water and cool air since the coast blows ontowards the relatively warm sea).These breezes so welcome in tropical countries, that they are called doctors winds.

But on a cold day the wind only enhances frost.This is the basis of the phenomenon, which is called the wind cooling factor.The thermometer will help us understand the real temperature, not perceived by us on a cold windy day.

How interconnected wind and thermoregulation?

Wind helps our own mechanisms of thermoregulation in two ways.Firstly, by convection, the wind literally blows away the thin layer of warm air that always surrounds our body.Through convection person loses about a third of its heat.Wind also contributes to the evaporation of sweat from the skin.On a hot day, the breeze quickly dries the sweat on our skin.

And although on windy days, pollen can rise, and with it - millions of people begin hay fever, under favorable conditions, the wind can help reduce the pollen content in the air and dissipate the ozone pollution.

invigorating impact of wind capable of producing a sense of euphoria even, at least for a short time.About this wind often say that it clears the brain, and it has a medical grounds.If a person is able to find shelter from the wind, while its impact was not excessive and did not start to produce the opposite effect, the wind can lay claim to the status of the doctor.