12 August

What is infrasound and their impact on human ?

in a wide range of ambient electromagnetic radiation are contributing impulses that are called infrasound.It's acoustic vibrations that are inaccessible to the human ear, are not armed with special equipment.Infrasound generated when thunder, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, atmospheric pressure changes, they emit large waterfalls, wind, ocean waves.Aircraft, cars, rockets and much of the technology are man-made sources of infrasound.

How does infrasound?

Infrasound could be the cause and the consequence of both the atmospheric pressure fluctuations.At the atmospherics infrasound can easily penetrate into the home and affect their inhabitants.

Biological effects of infrasound on the whole similar to the electromagnetic atmospherics.It increases a person's irritability.It was shown that the infrasonic waves have a significant effect on the brain and biorhythms can cause insomnia.They can also affect the speed of human reaction.Evidence of US researchers confirm that there is a significant relationsh

ip between atmospheric infrasound and frequency of car crashes and loss of productivity.Natural infrasound can also provoke the exacerbation of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.It is believed that infrasound - it is the root cause of most meteozavisimosti symptoms.

The idea that some are not perceived by our consciousness invisible forces can affect us, so deep that deprives many of us, his presence of mind.However, in our less civilized past, people were aware of the clear advantages that their body is able to resonate to the beat of atmospheric electricity.Changes in the electrical state of the atmosphere, which we now report on the radio informed in advance of the weather to those who could hear them - the people for a few days or hours, a warning signal that the weather will change, possible thunder.

ability to capture changes

atmospherics that perform the same function, often behind the scenes, when we consider the world of animals.However, most animals are still sensitive to changes in the weather, some of them showing specific changes in behavior before the storm.Dogs and cats with thunderstorms approaching become restless, cows tend to come together, the birds become more active.In response to subtle changes in atmospheric pressure, heralding the storm, the bees return to the hive and swarm.The saying "Swallows high - to the dry weather, low - to rain", apparently, also suggests that the behavior of the animal world can predict weather changes in the near future.When the weather is beautiful, the insects that feed on birds, blows up the warm air currents.When approaching storm, insects fly much lower, just above the ground.

In the past the ability to receive messages from heaven was critical for survival, helping people to predict the adverse weather conditions and to seek shelter in advance.Nowadays, however, most of us are either completely disconnected from that channel information or dull, irritated perceive these bodily symptoms that warn of a change in the weather.Instead of looking for the real hiding place, we are looking for imaginary - painkillers, alcohol, TV shows and other entertainment that redress these symptoms.Yes, these things can eliminate the discomfort, but they drive a wedge between us and nature.