12 August

Man as a living barometer

Anyone who wishes to properly study the science of medicine, has to proceed as follows.First, you need to consider what impact can have every season.All the seasons are distinct, but they are different not only because of its essence, but its changes ....

It sounded advice of Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, future doctors.In his book, air, water and earth, written approximately 2,300 years before were carried out modern scientific study of the topic, he was one of the first recorded his observations and reflections that, as the weather affects our health.

Since the beginning of its existence in the world people are always exposed to the disaster.Protection against them could rarely.Like other animals, man has evolved so that work in sync with the prevailing weather conditions, and not against them.One modern writer said: Since 98% of our skin is in direct contact with the air the ocean, our home, a blanket and a host, it is the atmosphere causes mankind.

In many ancient systems of heali

ng effects of weather it was considered very important for the understanding of human health, such as in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda.Practitioners homeopaths among other things - take into account the way in which certain weather conditions affect the course of the disease, and according to that give their recommendations.Many (but not all) traditional medicine doctors reject this view, believing that health or disease is entirely based on two pillars - bacteria and genetics.

However, in some countries it is generally accepted that in matters relating to health, the weather is a significant factor.For over ten years, German physicians are daily reports of the national weather service, which helps them to identify common health problems of patients.Following their example, in the United States and the UK national weather bureau began to issue bulletins to help hay fever sufferers, warning them of the high pollen count.

In the US, anyone can look at the health page on the website and see the weather forecast health status - for example, the probability of pain, respiratory diseases, mood swings, difficulty concentrating and reducing the rate of reaction.About as watch the news of the stock market.Pregnant women can even specify the likelihood of giving birth.Each month the page is visited by more than 100 000 times.

Official UK Meteoagency developing an early warning system, which is based on changes in the weather.This system will help physicians in the selection of methods of treatment of patients.She was tested in five hospitals in the near future it is planned to put in 30 hospitals.

Although the system is still under development, a prototype is used to collect data on temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation probability, as well as tracking of seasonal diseases such as influenza.This data is used to draw the attention of physicians to the possible increase in the number of diseases associated with changes in the weather, such as heart attacks, strokes, respiratory, infections and fractures.

there are already first results.In one of the hospitals, which use the new system, 150 additional operations were performed due to the forecast to predict a smaller-than-normal amount of extra work.This allowed for a larger number of planned operations.No forecast it would be too risky due to the possible influx of emergency patients.

Weather - is a dynamic force that ever-present and ever-changing.There is no doubt that the human body is susceptible to these changes.Today, scientists are trying to clarify only the extent and mechanism of this sensitivity.