12 August

Where the wind come from?

Wind - is the movement of air.It comes in response to the air pressure difference caused by the change in altitude and rotation of the Earth, as well as the peculiarities of the terrain (eg, ratio of surface area of ​​water and land).

Due to the different altitude and air warms the Earth's rotation in different places in different ways.As the heating of the air becomes less dense and easier to create in the land area of ​​low pressure.Our atmosphere, like our body, always striving for a kind of equilibrium.In meteorology, this means that air will flow from areas of high pressure in the low pressure region up until the pressures are equal.During this process between the two fields with different wind pressure is observed.The greater the difference in air pressure between the two areas, the greater will be the wind speed.

All of us in everyday life in some way experienced the process of this alignment.We can feel it when the rises and falls in an airplane.Opening the door to the room, you can feel the r

ush of wind in his face.This is because the pressure is higher inside the room than outside.

Globally, the Earth's rotation, coupled with the uneven heating of the earth's surface sunlight makes the tropical regions warmer than the polar.X is said that the high pressure at the poles, and at low equator.At the same time the cold air from the Arctic Circle to the equator is moving at low layers of the atmosphere, and the warm air back into the polar regions at higher layers of the atmosphere.

earth's rotation does not allow air to pass directly from one region to another, and the air flows form the three climatic zones lying between the equator and each pole.These are called global zones winds.Each hemisphere is on the three belts.Trade winds are blowing in the subtropical regions to the north and south-east.Prevailing in the middle latitudes of Vesta blow in the northern hemisphere to the southwest (in the southern hemisphere to the north-west), the cell characteristic of the polar regions and the blow from the east.

Geography also plays a role in the formation of the global wind belts.Water and land are heated differently.Land heats and cools faster than water.The difference in the degree of heating results in the fact that in a place where there are water and land, the air is always in motion.That is what causes the refreshing sea breezes and tropical storms.