12 August

What is the importance of weather on human health ?

period of adaptation to the weather can be difficult;However, if evolution has taught us anything, it's adapting.

As we get used to the weather?

People spend a lot of effort and energy to adapt to the weather and to protect themselves from its vagaries.We are building a shelter.We develop and wear clothes according to the season.We protect the house from rain and wind.In winter we clog all the cracks and are heated in the summer include air conditioning and cool air in homes.We are so skillfully adapt to the weather, which sometimes simply forget that no matter how powerful this force and that its impact on our health and well-being can be expressed in a much more serious things than cold feet and chapped lips.

Some might argue that our attempts to protect itself from the vagaries of the weather makes us more resistant to its effects.But there is another, more convincing argument, assuming that all the tricks of modern life really make us more susceptible to sudden changes in the weather.The yield

on a cold winter day in the well-heated room to the street can be seen as an experiment with a rapid drop in temperature to 10 ° C.Such abrupt temperature changes increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in predisposed people to them.

sensitivity to nature

Our gradual shift away from nature and the current way of life - in combination with air conditioning, central heating and humidifiers - make us more sensitive to environmental influences.The human body has lost a lot of opportunities, which helped him to cope with the sudden change in the weather.If you are healthy and vigorous, it may go unnoticed or cause only minor inconvenience.But if your body is weakened by stress or age, may result spoiled the mood, illness or even death.

Moreover, scientists predict that our games with nature, which resulted in the environment emit gases that cause the greenhouse effect, and other contaminants can eventually make us more susceptible to the vagaries of weather.It is expected that global warming will increase the likelihood of weather changes around the world, making it less predictable, more rigid, and for various reasons strongly influence human health.

Some of these statements may seem akin to sorcery or primitive archaic form of Meteorology.If the weather is really so important for health, except doctors and scientists do not tell us about this?Unfortunately, conventional medicine considers unimportant all that a person can not control.It is therefore not surprising that the weather and its changes (sometimes quite small) remain without attention of physicians who prefer a more real and predictable causes of disease, such as heredity and bacteria.

As the weather affect us?

Many of us subconsciously understand that the weather affects our health.Otherwise, why would we have to refer to the weather when the sick?Why do so many of us have come to associate the sudden change in health status or well-being with a change in the weather?But what we do not realize is the fact to what extent the weather affects us.

appears more and more scientifically based evidence linking weather and health.It is believed that is susceptible to the weather about one in three of us.Scientists around the world now enjoy weather forecasts, as the compass in search of the right way of treatment and prevention of diseases.This relatively new scientific discipline known as biometeorology.Generally biometeorology are studying the relationship of atmospheric phenomena in the world, as well as the communication of climate change to health of mankind as a whole.In particular, they studied the effects of weather on the health of the individual.

Consistently minded scientists correlate this complex information.Their findings, made not by reason, but at the level of intuition, sometimes delicious.The fact that our body is able to interact with the natural environment for such a deeper level, shows the extent to which we are a part of nature, and confirms that the human body is extremely sensitive to the fact that it is surrounded, and much stronger than many of us believe.Environmental parameters such as wind speed, air temperature and humidity, the electrical state of the atmosphere - it is natural factors that define and control our health.You can not separate us, our behavior and health of the environmental impact.

When we want to talk quietly on general topics, most often start talking about the weather.