12 August

How to maintain your night vision ?

Table Lamp

It should be a foldaway "neck", which allows you to adjust the lighting depending on how dark the room.For example, if your relative is reading, let the lamp is approximately 30 cm from the page, but does not irritate the eyes glare.It is desirable that the lampshade was with reflector - it increases the illumination without increasing the electricity bill.


It can improve your night vision.Ophthalmologist Robert Michael Kaplan offers the following method.Twice a day, when it's dusk, ie,somewhere in an hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, it is necessary for some time to close your eyes and turn your head slowly to the left and then the right.In the course of doing 5-10 deep breaths and imagine how the rays of light penetrate the eyelids and activate retinal regions responsible for night vision.Such an exercise will not take more than 2 minutes per day.


Some doctors believe that with night vision problems are caused by lack of the so-called vis

ual purple (rhodopsin) - pigment sticks, iephotoreceptors of the retina, providing vision in low light.The smaller of rhodopsin, the worse a person sees at dusk.

During World War II, British pilots in the diet began to include blueberry jam - it protected them from the night (chicken) blindness.Exploring the blueberries, the researchers found it anthocyanins pigments."They are also rich in elderberries, blueberries and dark grapes," - says ophthalmologist Robert Eybeliz Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.In humans, anthocyanins are transformed into rhodopsin, so blueberries useful for vision.

If you can not find fresh berries or blueberry or blueberry jam, then buy in a drugstore capsule or tablet with bilberry extract ( "Bilberry-forte", "fetters" and so on. N.).Let your family member takes on 100-500 mg twice daily.Dr. Abel advised to do so before evening walks.The effect should be noticeable within 20 minutes.After a month or two daily intake will be finally clear, night vision improved or not.If you work, you can go on a maintenance dose - 100 mg once a day before an evening stroll.