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Increased thin lips

Correction face.Increased thin lips.Full lips have always been considered a sign of youth and sensuality and delicate issue age and distract attention from the youthful in all other respects appearance.All women age lips become thinner, but in some they are and as a young man.Therefore, many patients want to do this part of the face more.Zoom can be a lip or both.Most women prefer to increase both lips to maintain harmony.

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation has a long history.In the 60s and 70s.XX century.used for this purpose the injection of liquid silicone, but then they were rejected - it turned out that there is a deformation of the lips.

In the late 70s and 80s.They began to use the injection of cow collagen or fat, but later they were replaced by sheet metal implants are widely used in the 90s.Currently, most surgeons have returned to filler injections.

Elizabeth, a former school teacher of 67 y

ears, recovered after a face-lift, eyelid and forehead lift.She was pleased with the result, but found that thin lips give her true age.Lip augmentation rejuvenated her, restoring the harmony of the face.

Increased thin lips.Sheet implants for lip augmentation

Some materials may take the form of plates, wide and thin.One example of this is the "Alloderm" - a plate of freeze-dried collagen obtained from deceased donors.Another such material - is the fascia, white connective tissue that is located on the surface of the muscle, and that is taken from inconspicuous incision above the ear.For the manufacture of sheet metal stents also use gorteks - material used for the production of raincoats.Advantage leaf implants is that they can be rolled into a tube, and then set in place through a tiny incision in the corner of the mouth.However, they have a number of disadvantages."Alloderm" and fascia have a tendency to shrink, and in a year or two is completely resorbed.Gorteks not cringe, but his lips felt tight and swollen.Furthermore, it is possible rejection.Installation of implants through incisions, and therefore may be accompanied by swelling and sometimes bruising.The cost of lip augmentation using any variety of implant sheet is from 500 to 1200 dollars for each lip.For some women, the data implants are the most suitable option, but they have recently started to crowd out other methods, devoid of their shortcomings.

Injections of fillers to increase the cubic

newest methods of lip augmentation emerged after 2000. These include a variety of synthetic fillers (eg, «Hylaform», «Restylane» and «Captique»), as well as liquid forms of collagen, providing longer lasting effectthan bovine collagen (e.g., «Dermalogen», «Cosmoplast» and «Cosmoderm»).

Over the past forty years, methods of lip augmentation repeatedly changed.This area of ​​plastic surgery will continue to grow until it can not find a long-term, low-cost, convenient and natural way to achieve the best results.

Increased thin lips.Lift lips

lips, as well as many other body parts droop with age.This is especially noticeable on the upper lip, which is lengthened, sometimes completely covering the upper row of teeth.It can give your true age, even after you have removed from the face of excess skin, wrinkles and other signs of aging.Long Bay also looks thin and flat, which makes the problem worse.

lip lift - an operation that eliminates its sagging.When removing the upper lip of excess skin it is lifted, the upper row of teeth seems to be higher again, and Vermilion (pink part of the lip) seems wider and fuller.The scar is located in the natural crease between the nostrils and lip and therefore invisible.

lip lift is performed under local anesthesia, and is not required to take leave from work for it - if you do not mind that others will see a fresh seam.Otherwise it is necessary to spend a week at home.The cost of operation is from 1200 to $ 2500, and the result is usually persists for more than ten years.

Avoid injection of liquid silicone

In the 60s and 70s.XX century.many women who introduced liquid silicone (it differs from the silicone gel implants contained in the chest).The first phase can take beautiful - beautifully, naturally and rounded.However, after a few weeks, months or years, the area into which the silicone becomes dense, rough, red and painful.His face was distorted, acquiring ugly and unnatural appearance.Due to the fact that silicone penetrated the tissue, it was not easy to remove, and such attempts often added just aesthetic problems.

Despite the unfortunate history of silicone injections, some companies resumed production of fillers, containing silicone.They argue that the small size of the particles decreases the likelihood of adverse effects, and the presence of silicone provides a more lasting effect.To verify these claims - even if true - would take years, and it is wise to abandon the injection of synthetic fillers which allegedly provide long-term results.

Wrinkles around the mouth

Wrinkles around the mouth, or nasolabial folds are formed as a result of sagging skin.To eliminate these wrinkles plastic surgeons use the same principles and methods as for lip augmentation.

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