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removal of decorative tattoos

Laser therapy.Removal of decorative tattoos.Many people in the youth make a decorative tattoo, but later regret their decision because it removed in many cases, much more complicated than cause.

The methods of tattoo removal include: surgical excision, dermabrasion and laser treatment.Surgical excision is more suitable for small tattoos on flabby skin, but surgery is always a scar.Dermabrasion - this is skin resurfacing rotating wire brush;after it can remain a scar or a bright spot.It happens that even after several treatments pattern is still visible.

Recently, laser tattoo removal is used more often, rather than surgical excision or dermabrasion.The laser beam rapidly heats the ink that expands and disintegrates into small particles.Then, the skin tissue absorbs the paint particles and get rid of them.This procedure is painful, but the pain is removed superficial anesthetic.

removal of decorative tattoos.Series

procedures Each type of laser works on a certain color paint.After one treatment disappear one color or range of colors.To delete the entire picture may require from two to ten sessions.The majority of tattoos consists of several colors and therefore requires exposure of several different lasers.It takes up to 15 or more sessions.On the number of procedures is influenced by other factors.Tattoos inflicted in specialized stores, make more difficult as the professionals usually make them darker and deeper, and use different colors.Difficulty removing tattoos home depends on the type of ink used and the pattern depth.New tattoo harder to reduce than the old ones, because of the high concentration ink.

The total number of procedures required to remove a tattoo, can not be predicted in advance.Usually they require from six to twelve.The interval between sessions may be from 1-2 months up to several years.Drawing begins to fade after a week after the procedure, and the process takes several months.

Some women prefer to hide unwanted tattoo, causing new over the old.Most often this is due to the fact that there is an old tattoo the name of a former friend.In this case, a greater degree of laser procedures.

Judy, 43-year-old employee of the insurance company, shy tattoo on his forearm, which served as a reminder of the tumultuous school years.A woman, even in summer wear long-sleeved clothing.Finally, she decided to remove the tattoo.She was lucky and was able to do in six sessions - without any scarring.

Samantha, 29-year-old hairdresser, was on the buttock colorful tattoo of a heart with the name of her ex-husband.To completely remove it took fourteen sessions, but the second husband of Samantha believes that the costs were justified.

removal of decorative tattoos.Turquoise Turquoise Tattoo

tattoo, like most tattoos green laser is difficult to remove.There lasers tuned to green, but they are less effective than those which act on other colors.The most difficult to remove the turquoise - and even make it less bright.

Tattoo removal of red, white and flesh-colored

very difficult to remove by laser tattoo of red, white and skin color.Such paints may contain iron which blackens by exposure to the laser beam.In some cases, the black pigment is impossible to remove.If your tattoo is, the above color, the plastic surgeon will first check the effect of the laser on a small area of ​​skin before treating the entire tattoo.If the paint does not turn black, this method can be considered safe.


probability that a tattoo will remain on-site scar, does not exceed 3%.Much more common is a complication as a permanent pallor, or hypopigmentation.


One laser tattoo treatment session costs 200 to 800 dollars - an average of 400. If the image is large, the price will be higher.For a complete tattoo removal may be needed for five to twenty sessions, which will cost from 1000 to 16 000 dollars.This is another reason to think twice before doing the tattoo.

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