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application of permanent makeup

consider how to carry out the application of permanent makeup.Cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, can simulate eyebrow pencil, lip liner or lipstick.The applied an experienced professional, this tattoo looks naturally and beautifully.The biggest advantage of permanent make-up is that it eliminates the need for daily application.In addition, it does not tarnish the end of the day.The main drawback of such a make-up - the inability to get rid of it.Therefore, if you are not sure that this - what you need, better give up the procedure.

application of permanent make-up takes from one to two hours.Many believe this procedure painful and prefer to have a tattoo before they entered a local anesthetic.

cost of permanent make-up is dependent on the surface area of ​​experience and professional results.Price tattoo one zone, for example the lips, eyes or eyebrows, is from 400 to 1200 d


Beware of unprofessional permanent makeup Permanent makeup

- available method, not subject to strict regulation.The biggest risk associated with it - a procedure performed by an unqualified person.When using dirty needles possible spread of infection, and the paint is not intended for medical use, can cause irritation.

Linda, 40-year-old pharmacist, wanted to have her lips pink "like chewing gum."She chose the color pigment, and she made a tattoo.The woman was satisfied, but a few days later came back and complained that the color does not like her husband.Unfortunately, the pigment can survive their marriage.

Permanent makeup, mimicking the blush on her cheeks, usually offered by non-professionals and very often looks unnatural.The natural color of the cheeks is constantly changing - depending on the time of year, time of day, or on the state of the body.Tattoo remains unchanged and therefore looks unnatural.If you later regret such a make-up, clean it up would be difficult, because when you try to remove a tattoo laser skin color it may turn black.

If the tattoo is applied on the eyebrows are too high, then you have all the time to be surprised by the form and application of permanent makeup for ever simply leaves no room for error.Attempting to remove unsuccessful tattoo by laser can cause damage to the hair follicles and loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.The application of permanent makeup requires precision.If the procedure is performed in a plastic surgeon's office, the chances for a satisfactory result is significantly increased.

in beauty salons Cadence made tattoo lower eyelids.But no pigment introduced into the skin and fat layer.Due to the fact that the fat does not hold the pigment as leather, blue paint spread on the entire eyelid, resembling a bruise.

Vanessa, 45-year-old housewife, made permanent lip makeup at the spa, but it caused too tight and too high.It seemed swollen lips.When the client is returned to the salon with a complaint, she was told that you can fix the problem if applied over a white tattoo.However, such a tattoo in color different from the skin and looked like a "milk mustache".Upset Vanessa turned to art, but she was told that the white tattoo reduce the hardest, and that she was under the influence of the laser may turn black.

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