Complications of removing spider veins

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Complications of removing spider veins

Plastic Surgery.Complications of removing spider veins.If the procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the complications usually arise.However, undesirable effects are possible even under ideal circumstances.


Sometimes after treatment of the skin, a new grid of tiny spider veins - this phenomenon is called matting.It resembles a bruise and is observed in 10-20% of cases after a sclerotherapy and in 5-15% of cases after laser therapy, most commonly in women who removal of spider veins is carried out in the presence of varicose veins.For high-risk patients are also obese, taking hormones or oral contraceptives.Matting can disappear by itself, but it sometimes takes about a year.Persistent matting is removed using a laser or sclerotherapy.

color Violation

After sclerotherapy or laser treatment of spider veins exposed normally turn brown due

to clotting inside the blood vessels.

These dark spots in 80% women disappear after six weeks, 95% after twelve weeks, and the remaining six months.In rare cases, these dark spots are persistent, and then to remove them using a different type of laser.

Women with dark skin spots higher risk.The lighter the skin, the less likely the emergence of dark spots and higher probability of formation of bright spots.Hypopigmentation (as mentioned above) is observed in 10-20% of women after removal of spider veins laser.

Complications of removing spider veins.Skin necrosis

If during sclerotherapy chemical compound falls in the skin or fat, instead of the vessel itself, it may result in death of the small skin area.The result is a small open sores which heal for about two months and leaves a scar.With laser treatment of skin necrosis occurs.

Edema Swelling may occur anywhere, but most often it happens when you remove spider veins on the ankles.It appears in less than 5% of cases and extends for two weeks;it can be prevented by tightening tights.After laser therapy is usually no swelling.

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