How to deal with spider veins

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How to deal with spider veins

Let's talk about how to fightvascular asterisks.Telangiectasia, or spider veins, are small, clearly visible blood vessels that appear on the skin.They may have a blue, red or purple color and different sizes.Spider veins do not pose a health risk.Their removal is carried out only with the cosmetic purpose.On legs spider veins are caused by increased stress, such as pregnancy or a long stay in a standing position.This defect is more common in women with varicose veins, those who take oral contraceptives, as well as in women with a hereditary predisposition.

Varicose veins Varicose

- an extension of the existing veins and spider veins are new vessels that have appeared in the skin.When a prominent veins, accompanied by severe pain, usually resort to surgical removal of the affected vessels.Usually, this operation is performed by a specialist in the field of vascular surgery, not a plas

tic surgeon.

If you have on your feet and varicose and spider veins, particularly varicose veins should be treated.If you first delete the asterisk, they may appear again if the first to get rid of varicose veins, the risk of a recurrence of their appearance will be minimized.Further, successful treatment of varicose veins may reduce the amount of spider veins and without special procedures.

How to deal with spider veins.Sclerotherapy to remove spider veins on the legs

Sclerotherapy is an introduction of liquid chemicals with the help of a fine needle directly into the spider veins, causing them to shrink and disappear.Can be administered a concentrated salt solution, a biological detergent or a natural chemical compound.This method is based on the introduction of a tiny needle into a tiny vein, and so it is best suited for large spider veins, although some doctors successfully cope and small.

procedure performed in the office nurse or doctor and relatively painless.Even someone who is afraid of injections, it is easy to tolerate, because very thin needle for injection.Due to the fact that the spider veins are interwoven as a tree branch, sometimes quite at the root of the injection to remove the whole group of them.After the procedure, you must wear an elastic bandage or tightening tights for 3-10 days.To achieve the best results for five days to abandon exercise and alcohol because they promote vasodilation, which may reduce the effect of the procedure.

After each session of sclerotherapy can count on the disappearance of 50-90% of spider veins.Some of the veins do not respond to injections due to the small size, the lack of pressure after the procedure or characteristics of the vessel, which can not be controlled.To achieve the desired effect, you may need several sessions of sclerotherapy.

How to deal with spider veins.Laser treatment of spider veins on the legs

Under this method, the skin over the vein is exposed to laser energy, which causes coagulation and reduce spider veins.Laser therapy is often used to remove spider veins small and medium-sized, large clean better with sclerotherapy.

Immediately after the procedure, spider veins darken and become more visible, but in a few weeks to disappear.To reduce the probability of occurrence of spots on the skin, it is necessary, within six weeks after the laser treatment to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.Ice packs and support tights are not required.Exercise can be resumed immediately.This procedure usually does not leave scars, but after it may appear bright spots on the skin, or hypopigmentation.These spots appear unnatural and like the branches of a tree, and sometimes - on a pearl necklace.They are pale and do not tan.Therefore gipopigmenattsiya particularly noticeable on tanned skin.

To remove spider veins in most cases requires three laser therapy session intervals of three months.After the first procedure will be an improvement of 70-80%, but remain visible spider veins.Each subsequent session gives further improved by 70-80%.Compared with sclerotherapy this method is more suited for small spider veins.Many plastic surgeons, recognizing improvement after laser treatment, sclerotherapy is considered more effective to remove spider veins on the legs.

Reie, 42-year-old saleswoman, joined the list of the hundred best sellers of the company and, together with the other winners were awarded a trip to Hawaii.She did not want to see on the beach colleagues spider veins on her legs.After injection into the large and medium-sized spider veins Rene took three sessions of laser therapy.By that time, when it was time to go on a journey at her feet there was not a spider veins, or the following procedure.

Combination therapy of spider veins on the legs

If you have small, medium and large spider veins, you will help the combination of sclerotherapy and laser therapy.It is better to start with sclerotherapy, because after she disappeared, and some small vessels.As a result, it may decrease the amount of spider veins to be treated by laser, which will reduce the overall cost of treatment.Many plastic surgeons use laser therapy only to those vessels that do not respond to injections.


sclerotherapy session costs about $ 300.One laser treatment procedure will cost approximately $ 400.Price increase in the event of a large number of spider veins, and if the procedure carries a doctor, not a nurse.

Thread veins on the face

Most spider veins draw attention to the face, where they are usually red, while in the legs, they can be red, purple or blue.Sclerotherapy of spider veins on the face inefficient and unreliable.Therefore, to remove them recommend laser therapy.The good news can be considered that modern lasers to remove spider veins on the face do not cause the appearance of purple spots, like lasers that were used in the 1990s.

Save results

Disappeared spider veins do not appear again.But it at least over time may be new.Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy remove existing spider veins, but do not prevent their formation.

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