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Types of seizures in the correction finger

Plastic Surgery.Types of seizures in the fingers correction.Location fingers to grip the object and adapt to its shape - a complex process.Grasping movements are characterized by the fact that they involve all or most of the hand and finger joints simultaneously.Given the position of the hand and fingers, grippers can be divided into power and thin.

When the power to grab the object is clamped between the bent fingers and palm, I finger exerts counterpressure.The degree of flexion of the fingers in the interphalangeal joints depends on the size of the subject covered.Brush is set to a small elbow extension and retraction.

When thin grab the object is compressed between trehfalangovymi fingers and an opposable thumb I.With a large amount of the subject all the fingers are slightly bent in the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints.I set aside the finge

r, bent and rotated inwards.Brush is set and expressed in the extension of the neutral position against the radial and ulnar abduction.

Types of seizures in the fingers correction.Miscellaneous I position the finger makes him a different role in both types of gripper.Contrasting it with a thin grabbed the basis of accuracy and control movements, which provides both stability.When the power to grab the first ray (I teparom with finger) is supported with a hand-ray hand to hand, which is opposed to pressure fingers on the captured subject and increases grip strength.In some power I grabbed the finger is optional, used only a simple hook, formed by the fingers, which are controlled by powerful muscles flexors and extensors of fingers.They are more hardy than the short muscles that perform flexion of the metacarpophalangeal joints and adduction I finger.Thus, when the brush fatigue complete closure around an object is converted to a hook of the interphalangeal joints, with gripper accuracy is lost.

In some cases, grasping the hand function may be a combination of several grippers.seizure type is determined not so much the shape of the object, which manipulates a brush, as the purpose of the motion.

important is to regulate the power tong.It should vary according to the weight, fragility, surface features and the use of the object.Accurate and continuous sensory information is required to prevent premature venting or excessive pressure.In particular, the Pacinian corpuscles play tong power measurement part for its adjustment semi-automatic way.The first seizure of unknown weight of the object is always a deviation of power, while the second setting automatically adjusts the power level needed to guarantee the capture.

Deprived sensitivity brush losing touch security alarms and are constantly exposed to trauma caused by excessive pressure.

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