The method of fractional thermolysis

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method of fractional thermolysis

Fractional thermolysis, or "Fraxel" requires specialmention, as it allows to get a result at the risk of deep procedures like procedures with an average exposure.Therefore, the method of fractional thermolysis does not belong to one or another category.


The method consists in the fact that one laser session is processed 20% of the skin surface.As a result, recovery is much faster and easier.In order to understand how fractional thermolysis, imagine a digital photo consisting of a few million pixels.In this laser processing method, 20% of 'pixels' the patient's skin.Thus, in the exposed area treated is exposed only every fifth "pixel."Four-fifths of the skin remains intact, and the recovery time is significantly reduced.

method of fractional thermolysis.Benefits

Because of the depth of influence "Fraxel" allows you to achieve the same results as in the deep procedu

res.After the session smoothed thin and dynamic wrinkles, pore size decreases, disappearing almost all brown spots become less visible scars from acne, the skin becomes smoother and a bit stretched.Exposures are only 20% of the skin, and therefore it is possible to simultaneously handle the face, neck and chest.Education can be avoided boundary if each session shift treated skin.

method of fractional thermolysis.The procedure and recovery

Fractional thermolysis may perform a qualified nurse;it uses a surface anesthesia, and sometimes receiving sedation.Painkillers make the procedure quite tolerable, but without them, it causes severe pain.Treatment of the entire face takes 30 to 45 minutes.After fractional thermolysis no pain, redness and stored overnight.Open wounds No makeup can be applied immediately.After a day after the procedure, the redness will disappear, the skin becomes dull and dry.This state will continue for about two weeks, and you can hide the intense makeup.Most women can return to work the very next day after the fractional thermolysis.

«Fraxel" helps remove boundaries

As already noted, when fractional thermolysis can escape the confines of education.In addition, this procedure is used to erase the boundaries formed after grinding erbium laser or deep procedures.

number of sessions and the saving results

Since fractional thermolysis simultaneously processed only 20% "pixels" of the skin, in order to achieve full effect of five treatments recommended, although significant improvements are seen after each of them.After the third treatment improvements can be so strong that some women do not see the need for the fourth and fifth.Those who brought the treatment to the end, are usually rewarded with an even better result.The interval between treatments can be from one to several months.


fractional thermolysis cost is from 1000 up to $ 2,000 for the procedure.The recommended course consists of 3-5 sessions, and the total cost could range from 3000 to 10 000 dollars.Given the fact that in most cases does not require fractional thermolysis outage and that several deep treatments can cost the same amount or more, many believe that the significant benefits "Fraxel" can replace a lot of medium and deep treatments.

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