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How to skin care

Let's talk about how to doskin care.Simplicity, safety, low cost and ease of use in the home - all of these advantages allow any woman to apply skin care program that is run under the supervision of a physician.The apparent improvement in the skin condition is achieved at low cost - the cost of drugs is often less than the cost of skin care products that are sold in department stores.

How to skin care.Superficial peels, conducted under the supervision of a physician, and has gained immense popularity due to its simplicity, relative safety, efficiency and low cost.

Remember that none of the wrinkle filler does not provide a long-term effect.If you decide to resort to this procedure, you must understand that it requires regular repetition.

Injections of botulinum toxin are potent agents and do not require a recovery period.This is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.

other words, with such defec

ts of the skin, like roughness, loss of vitality, and "brightness", spots and wrinkles, it is not necessary to choose the expensive procedures, requiring a long recovery.Each of the simple solution has its advantages, but their effect is not as noticeable and long-lasting as from more serious procedures.

recommendations and warnings

• Perform skin care program offered by a plastic surgeon.It is simple, safe, effective and cheap.

• cosmetology and plastic surgery is considered ineffective tool for skin care that are sold in department stores.Do not believe in the efficacy of the product is not approved by your doctor.

• Not less than three months after the procedure, do not expose your skin from the sun's rays.As a rule, it is enough cream with SPF 15-30.

• Beware of non-professionals, offering chemical peels.

• Determine what the lack of skin bothers you the most, and choose the procedure that eliminates this particular defect.

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