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Superficial chemical peels

aesthetic treatment.Superficial chemical peels.Superficial peeling - this is an important addition to any program of skin care, without which it is not as effective.Together, they can achieve better results in all aspects - skin vitality, pore size, fine lines - and much faster.Like any peeling, superficial peeling involves the application of a chemical stimulus to the skin.

Superficial chemical peels.peeling procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by a qualified beautician or a nurse and takes about half an hour.First, from the skin of dead cells are removed using a painless procedure called dermaplaning (it looks like a shaving), or use the microdermabrasion.After that, applied to the preparation for peeling capable of causing mild burning or itching.Then applied to the skin stimulating agents such as dry ice, and wetting agents.Immediately after peeling can be applied makeup and ret

urn to normal activities.

After each procedure, the skin is removed dead cells - even if you do not notice it.The maximum effect will be seen in two weeks.

skin care program, performed under the supervision of a physician

«Seeing the doctor" means the doctor ensures that the nurse or the anesthetist had been trained for the safe and effective performance of superficial peeling.This does not mean that the doctor will be present in the evaluation of the state of your skin or peeling procedure.You do not even need to meet with him - unless otherwise required by your state.

skin care program, performed under the supervision of a physician, have the opportunity to receive and impart the most effective means.However, the better the product works, the greater the risk that its use will cause skin irritation or sensitivity to the sun.Therefore, these funds must be used by a person having the necessary training.The universal or cosmetic product you are convinced of the effectiveness of their products, but if they are not included in the program, performed under medical supervision, it should arouse suspicion.

Superficial chemical peels.For this procedure, the most commonly used substances such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid.These are the same acid that are contained in the means to care for the skin, but in higher concentrations.Many cosmetic companies produce tools for surface exfoliation.When choosing a brand, listen to expert recommendations.

Microdermabrasion: is it worth doing it?

Microdermabrasion came about in 2000. Like many of the procedures of plastic surgery, she survived the initial wave of enthusiasm, followed by a wave of disappointment followed.In the end, between the two extremes of the balance has been achieved, and prevailed realistic expectations.The procedure is performed a microdermabrasion beautician nurse or by a special apparatus, which bombards your skin with a huge number of tiny particles (crystals of aluminum oxide) leading to rapid flaking dead skin cells.The effect is very similar - even similar - effect dermaplaninga.The recovery period is not required, and the procedure itself should be repeated every 4-6 months.Best results are achieved with a combination of microdermabrasion with superficial peeling and skin care program.The main drawback - the cost of which can reach up to 150 dollars.As a result, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaninga skin thickness is reduced by about fifteen microns.Dermaplaning usually a part of the surface peeling (the cost of the procedure from 70 to 100 dollars), and so many are wondering whether to pay money for microdermabrasion and even necessary.

Peeling: is it necessary?

Superficial peels can cause a marked peeling of the skin, but not necessarily.In most cases, peeling of glycolic or lactic acid does not cause such phenomena.Dead cells gradually disappear, leaving no visible signs of peeling.These procedures are carried out for three months with an interval of two weeks, and then every 6-12 months.

peeling glycolic and lactic acid is more effective than just a skin care program, but it does not have such a strong impact on areas with a change in color as a superficial peeling, causing a noticeable flaking.For surface peeling is most commonly used salicylic acid.Peeling usually noticeable within three days, and therefore this procedure is often called the "weekend peel".For best results, it should be carried out within six months from the month intervals.After that, to save the results of the procedure is repeated every 2-3 months.

As with any peeling, skin care program is under the supervision of a physician will improve the result and will help to keep it for long.


average cost superficial peeling, causing no appreciable peeling (glycolic or lactic acid) ranges from 70 to 100 dollars per session.The price of the procedure, causing noticeable flaking (salicylic acid) is from 90 to 120 dollars.

Save results

Any superficial peeling requires support sessions.After the first six procedures necessary to use skin care products, and every 6-12 weeks to carry out supporting peeling.If you fail to comply with such a regime, then six months later the skin will return to its previous state.

Retin-A and superficial peeling

Although Retin-A and other skin care products play an important preparatory work, the use of this drug should be discontinued two weeks before any type of peeling.This will prevent the deeper the procedure, rather than peeling than you bargained for.

It is very important to make sure that chemical peels (regardless of type) will be performed by a qualified specialist.67-year-old retired teacher complained to his barber on wrinkles.No sooner had her hair dry as there was a woman and began to talk about the wonders of a chemical peel.After shearing the client remains to do the procedure.She felt a strong burning sensation, but thought a woman that makes peeling, qualified.Recovery trusting client took three weeks, and on the neck scars.As a result, she had to have plastic surgery, but the natural appearance of the skin and has not recovered.

satisfaction result

superficial peel is safe, effective and inexpensive, and therefore patients usually remain very satisfied.The frustration experienced by those few women who were unable to support the result or had high expectations.

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