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skin correction methods

Consider, what are the methods of skin correction.Care and superficial peeling restore skin vitality, accelerating the update and it brings to the surface a healthier and younger cells.Wrinkle Fillers do not affect the health or skin tone and conceal wrinkles and folds, lifting them to the level of the surrounding areas.Folds of skin most effectively removed with the help of braces.This procedure tightens the skin and smoothes deep wrinkles and eliminates wrinkles associated with them.The loss of skin tone and better corrected with the help of braces.Deep chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatment may contribute to some improvement, but not to the same extent as the lift.


Your skin is made up of the damaged surface of the cells and a healthy deep layer.Superficial cells die every day, exfoliate and are replaced by younger.With age, this process slows down and broken.The older you

get, the longer it takes for the detachment of damaged cells, giving your skin a lifeless appearance.

Skin Care and superficial peels are controlled damage to the surface of cells, causing their destruction and even detachment.As a result, on the surface of cells are young, healthy and fresh.Skin renewal is accelerated and ordered, and it rejuvenates.

purpose of skin care - reduce irregularities and make it brighter, minimize pore size and gives the skin a healthy look.For some women, even much fine wrinkles are smoothed.However, do not expect to reduce dynamic wrinkles.The changes caused by skin care, gradually accumulate and become visible after 6-12 months.

principles underlying the skin care

• Peeling: cleansers remove dead cells to the skin can penetrate other agents.

• Stimulation of the alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-gidroksikislo you and Retin-A accelerate the growth and renewal of skin cells.

• Treatment: bleaching agents eliminate or prevent disorders of the skin color.This category also includes Retin-A.

• Protection: moisturizers and sunscreens protect the skin from damage.

balanced programs and products for skin care

balanced skin care program developed by an experienced nurse who examines your skin and offer an option that meets your needs.Some states require a preliminary medical examination and his consent to such a program.The program aims to achieve four goals: peeling, stimulation, treatment and protection.They achieved a daily (or twice a day) exposure to cleaning agents, alpha-hydroxy acid, Retin-A, anti-oxidants (such as cream with idebenone or vitamin C), whitening agents, moisturizing agents and sunscreens.The frequency of application and concentration of these substances increase as the skin is used to them.If the skin reacts redness or rash, the program is adjusted.

skin correction methods.Soft cleaners

start a daily skin care you will be having a mild cleanser that removes dead cells from the skin surface.This process (desquamation) in the skin facilitates penetration of stimulating substances, such as alpha-hydroxy acids and Retin-A.

Alpha-hydroxy acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids - are natural acids that stimulate the growth and renewal of skin cells.Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, citrus, citric, malic, respectively, from apples, lactic - from milk.These acids can be used on a daily basis at very low concentrations or for peeling the surface at higher concentrations.

Of the alpha hydroxy acid is most often used glycolic acid.For home use, it is available in a concentration of from 4 to 15%.Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, you can start with a weak or average concentration, until the skin gets used.Acids make denser deep layers of the skin, causing skin surface becomes smoother and improves its appearance.The action of the alpha-hydroxy acid is amplified simultaneously using Retin-A.

beta-hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid, may also be used for skin care.For some women, they are even more effective than alpha-hydroxy acids.

skin correction methods.Bleaching agents

bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, can assist in preventing and removing skin blemishes.In fact they did not whiten the skin and suppresses the production of the pigment in the cells.If you have stains or discolouration, the skin care program is necessary to include bleaching agents.Also there is a possibility that the chemical peeling or laser treatment, you will need these drugs to prevent the formation of dark spots, which can be a consequence of these procedures.

In 2006, hydroquinone has attracted attention as one study has found a link between the substance and leukemia in rats.As a result of the ban was 2% hydroquinone, dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.In the current study, the rats received the same dose of hydroquinone (weight proportion) as humans.On the drugs at a doctor's prescription (4%), the prohibition does not apply.


Moisturizers keep your skin healthy and soft when you get rid of its surface, the damaged layers.It also becomes able to withstand the drying effect of Retin-A.


Sunscreens are important to the success of the skin care program, and there are two reasons.First, now you already know about the adverse effects of sunlight and will be pleased to protect against further damage.Furthermore, an effective program increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, and therefore when using it, you are at greater risk of getting a sunburn.It is recommended to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Beware of expensive and inefficient means

The packaging skin care products that are sold in department stores, beauty salons and pharmacies often contain statements about their efficiency and thattheir composition is glycolic acid concentration of 20% and above.However, these products may be less effective in comparison with the means offered by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.Action of glycolic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids defined low pH acidity.Means that the doctor prescribes, have appropriate acidity for optimal results.

pH 1-2: high acidity - a typical indicator of acidity, to write a plastic surgeon.

pH 3-4: medium acidity.

pH 5-6: low acidity.

pH 7: lack of acidity (neutral acidity) - a typical pH of skin care products available in the general market.

preparation of glycolic acid with a neutral acidity inefficient compared with a preparation having a high acid value, which is prescribed by a doctor - regardless of the concentration.Most skin care products that are sold in stores are safe, but not very effective.


Care does not require a lot of time for the skin.You can apply makeup immediately after the application of the relevant funds.


skin care products for home use are inexpensive - a month you spend on them from 30 to 60 dollars.

Saving viability skin

results Care supports and smooth as long as you use them regularly.If you stop using these drugs, in a few months, the skin will return to its previous state.

satisfaction result

skin care program, performed under the supervision of a doctor, is safe, effective and inexpensive, so patients usually remain very satisfied.The frustration experienced by those few women who do not regularly or Custom tools have high expectations.

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