How to determine the condition of your skin

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How to determine the condition of your skin

few tips on how to determine the statehis skin.To start the rejuvenation of the skin, you first need to identify all the existing problems.This will help you select the most appropriate procedure.

loss of vitality

Beliefs skin strength - a characteristic that is difficult to measure and describe.It relates to the "brightness" of the skin and gloss - no tone wrinkle and surface.The presence of life force makes the skin young, healthy, blooming and bright appearance, and lack of it, on the contrary, it makes the old, lifeless, tired and pale.

40-year-old Meg loved the sun, living in the south and was proud of his dark tan.When the work or the weather did not allow her to sunbathe in the sun, she attended a solarium.By age 30, her skin looks like leather 40-year-old woman.Finally she realized that she should avoid sunlight, but discovered with surprise that

the aging process is not slowed down after that.For 40 years she had a skin of 60-year-old woman.The skin does not forget the previous exposure to the sun, and the result of this influence can manifest itself in many years.

Jody, 25-year-old law student, tired of her baby, dotted with freckles face.Soon, she had to enter into the world of professionals, and she could not afford the kind of naive.She had a few sessions of pulsed light irradiation, after which the pale freckles.

skin smoothness

Smoothness - a condition of the skin surface.In his youth, the skin is smooth, but with age it becomes more rough and uneven.

Large pores

Some women suffer from large pores in his youth, but many only in old age, this problem occurs.Large pores are clearly visible and ugly.They can be difficult to hide the makeup.

Violations skin color

Violations of skin color - are areas that are different from the color of its main surface.They can be hereditary (birthmarks and freckles), hormonal (melasma), caused by a stay in the sun (age spots), or caused by several adverse factors (acne rosacea).There are brown, black and red spots.Some discolouration are superficial, others affect the deeper layers of skin.Method of correction depends on the color and depth of discolouration.


Birthmarks are of different colors, from cream to black, but the most common "coffee", so called because of its color - "coffee with milk".In childhood and adolescence, their size and the number may increase.They respond well to laser therapy and removed effectively for 1-3 sessions.It is much more noticeable and ugly red and maroon spots.Most of them are removed by laser, but this may require several treatments.

How to determine the condition of your skin.Freckles

Freckles give the face and innocent children's views, and so many women, growing up, trying to get rid of them.The number of sunspots increases and brightness in the sun, and sunscreen is successfully used to deal with them.

Melasma Melasma

- a skin with black spots that may appear on the face or neck, pregnant women or women who use oral contraceptives.Melasma is difficult to confuse with something else: the rough spots in borders and the "dirty" appearance.Such a condition can cause or worsen exposure to the sun.Protection from the sun's rays, including with the help of the cream will not save from melanosis, but deliver us from its deterioration.

method of treatment of this phenomenon depends on its depth.Plastic surgeon distinguish superficial melasma from deep, illuminating the skin so-called Wood's lamp.From the surface melanosis can be eliminated by using a surface chemical peels, pulsed light, medium chemical peels or daily use bleaching agents.Deep melanosis removed using the "Fraxel" technology.

age spots

Despite the name, age spots have nothing to do with age.They owe their existence to ultraviolet radiation.Those most exposed to irradiation of the hands, face and chest, and therefore age spots often occur in these areas.Not surprisingly, the sun these spots darken and grow in size.Fix this problem by using bleaching agents, chemical peels, laser or pulsed light - depending on the depth of spots.


Rosacea - a skin disease in which the cheeks, nose and chin often blush in response to spicy food, alcohol, or stress.For many years in these areas can become a permanent red, and the veins stood out small vessels.Furthermore, these areas may appear acne.Pink coals treat metronidazole ointment (for daily skin care), which is available on medical prescription, and pulsed laser irradiation in different combinations.

How to determine the condition of your skin.Wrinkles Wrinkles

have different origins, and to address them using different means.The method depends on the cause of wrinkles.One or another factor leads to the appearance of a particular type of event.

Wrinkles of the "crepe paper" on the skin, prone to photoaging

This small wrinkles on the lower eyelids and cheeks, where the thin and sensitive skin exposed to intense sunlight.

Dynamic wrinkles from facial muscles

most unpleasant and numerous wrinkles on the face are dynamic wrinkles, which are formed on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth area.They - the result of the facial muscles, which reduces the life of hundreds of thousands of times.When we smile, laugh, frown or reflect, the facial skin is moved in certain ways, each time wrinkling.Ultimately, these sites wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles can develop wherever there is the facial muscles, but they are the deepest in several areas.Form on the forehead horizontal (when we raise the eyebrows) and vertical (when we frown) wrinkles.In the corners of the eyes are formed radial wrinkles (when we smile or schurimsya).Vertical wrinkles formed around the mouth (when we do prim).

Dynamic wrinkles - is deepening or folds in the skin.They are deeper than the skin of surrounding areas and therefore are in the shade.The deeper the wrinkle, the darker the shadow, and so it is more visible.

skin folds because of the saggy cheeks

folds of skin may occur as a result of sagging cheeks.Such wrinkles, known as nasolabial folds or "wrinkles puppets" may appear around the nose and mouth.

Reduced skin tone

low tone of the skin can be caused genetically, and, in addition, it decreases with age, as a result of exposure to sunlight and smoking.Reduced tone manifests as slack, sagging skin.

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