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consider some ways to skin care.Sluggish skin is considered one of the inevitable signs of aging.But this is - not a sentence.Fortunately, for improving the appearance rough, lifeless, covered with spots and wrinkles of the skin, there are relatively simple tools, and new methods appear regularly.These procedures are intended to lighten and smooth the skin, revitalize the face to align the color and remove fine wrinkles - all without a long recovery, with minimal risk and relatively inexpensive.

Of course, the previous offer sounds too good to be true.Take, for example, the elimination of wrinkles - each method has its limitations, and therefore it requires a comprehensive approach.Most simple means must be used regularly to achieve the best results.For example, the skin care at home should be twice a day.Superficial peels should be done twice a month for three months, and to consolidate the results repeated ev

ery six weeks.Injections of Botox and filler also require regular repetition.

methods of skin care.Helen, 43-year-old housewife, won the contest for the best recipe, declared one of the television show.She was delighted and frightened at the same time, when she was invited to the transfer.Helen wanted to look as good as possible, but before the shooting remained only two weeks, and the choice of funds was limited.Two sessions superficial peeling and Botox injections to remove wrinkles on the forehead and in the corners of the eyes allowed her to look perfect in this so important for her day.

healthy tan does not happen

Before you think about the correction of a defect of the skin, it is important to understand how harmful ultraviolet radiation for it.Ultraviolet light - the sun or from tanning - accelerate the aging process.This effect tends to accumulate and manifest themselves immediately.If you have been to a lot of sun during adolescence, such damage can be hidden for decades.However, even if all the time you avoid sunlight to prevent premature aging of the skin you do not get.The more common time of exposure to ultraviolet rays, the more damaged skin.To describe the changes that occur as a result of this phenomenon, often use the term "photoaging."

And most importantly - exposure to UV rays increases the likelihood of skin cancer.The greater the total residence time in the sun, the greater the risk.Melanoma - the most aggressive kind of skin cancer - can be life-threatening, even at the early detection and timely begun treatment.Thus, you have plenty of reasons to protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun.

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